MLS Power Rankings

MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 21, 2007

As mentioned before, a lot would be known about these clubs by the end of this past weekend and that was mostly true. We know who the real contenders are and who is just pretending. More of the story will be written this week but a good chunk was taken down in week seven.

Some changes on the board, teams moving up and down. But a little more consistency across the league now. Parity still exists to a degree but not as much as we initially believed at the start of the 2007 campaign.

Ranking (last week Ranking) Team (points) –

1. (1) New England Revolution (17 pts.) – A good team finds ways to win, but a great team can find ways to win even when they are not playing well. That was the case in Houston this past weekend. The direction of this team is going in a very positive manner since their season opening loss at Chicago. KC will come into town this weekend, I expect another three points. The Revs have the offense and the defense to shut anyone out.

2. (2) Red Bull New York (14 pt.) – We do now know how much of a contender this Red Bull team will be. I want to see more against the brass of the league like New England and even against a team like DC before putting the title expectations on this club. They have the talent, make no mistake about it, I just want to see it against the league’s best before I jump on any bandwagon. Most in the media are already on there but I just don’t know yet. I think they will have their way with a Chicago squad this week on Thursday night. Apparently they are giving away loads of free tickets. Sure sounds sad if you are asking me. I hope we see 10k there.

3. (5) FC Dallas (16 pt.) – Two wins this past week, keeping hopes if retaining another Brimestone Cup in the process. I really have enjoyed seeing this team evolve in recent weeks. Steve Morrow has to feel confident in his side and they are playing with confidence now as well. The midfield play has picked up and looks good. The defense is still a bit shaky but they are winning. They get a trip to LA this weekend to play Chivas. Should be an interesting contest.

4. (3) Colorado Rapids (12 pts.) – The verdict is still a bit out on this club. I think they will be contenders in the west still but they need players like Herculez Gomez and Roberto Brown producing. We haven’t seen much of that recently. They will entertain the Galaxy this weekend. We all know how great the Galaxy are on the road, double with the fact that the DSG Park is the biggest field in the league. I think the Rapids will at least get a point if not three.

5. (6) Kansas City Wizards (13 pts.) – Still not sold on this team like some people are out there. They need Carlos Marinelli back and at full strength to really do some damage. Plus, where is the goal scorer Eddie Johnson at? The star has faded some and is continuing to do so. I still believe they are more of a pretender than anything else. BUT, if they handle themselves against New England at New England then I will be changing my mind. If not, expect this rating to fall back down again.

6. (4) Houston Dynamo (7 pt.) – No points this week even though they completely dominated their two games. Loads of missed chances will really haunt you. DeRo and Ching have been too distant this season from the stat columns. Things will bounce back though. They still do have one of the best defenses in the league and it will be put to the test this weekend in DC. A win there will help, a draw and it may help (only if they score) but a loss will deflate the team all together I feel.

7. (10) DC United (7 pts.) – Finding a way to win in the toughest environment that the league has to offer is good. It was what this club needed. Tough game with Houston this week. Getting a result instantly puts them in the contender role once again. If not, the cries of the Supporter’s Shield Jinx will reign supreme.

8. (7) Chicago Fire (10 pts.) – Things are not looking good in Chicago. And all it took was a couple games. Last three games they have given up eight goals and only scored three of their own. That doesn’t win you games and that doesn’t help a coach who is on the hottest of hot seats right now. Blanco will help in a couple months but until then things are ugly. They need a result this week against New York, if not they will have to wait until Sunday against Real Salt Lake and even that game won’t be easy.

9. (9) LA Galaxy (5 pt.) – Can’t buy a result right now. The timing just isn’t down and the countdown is getting closer by the second to Beckham coming here. The Galaxy need to get in gear soon because you don’t want Beckham rethinking this decision to come and play for them. The road isn’t too kind to them as well and Colorado is a tough place to get a result. I don’t know if they have enough talent around Landon Donovan to get anything more than a draw at this point. Frank Yallop’s seat is probably pretty warm right now too.

10. (12) CD Chivas USA (8 pts.) – Okay, okay, got the draw against LA, which is a good thing. The identity of this team is getting back to where it should be as well. A result against Dallas this week at home will do wonders for their confidence and their status in the west. Anything less than a draw will hurt. Remember that three of Dallas’s five wins so far have come from on the road, so they have no fear.

11. (8) Columbus Crew (7 pt.) – Still can’t find the back of the net. At this rate they will do worse in the goals scored department than they did last season. They do get a visit from a pesky Toronto team. It may not be a good result but getting three points is a major step for this club. If not, then expect Sigi’s seat to be a bit warm come this time next week. So say it already is.

12. (11) Toronto FC (6 pt.) – Nice home stand against three solid clubs. Didn’t play particularly well against Houston but got the three points. Got unlucky against DC by giving up the late PK. They are pesky though I will repeat that about this club. I want to see how they fair on the road for once. BMO Field is nice and cozy for them but away from Canada they need to find their footing. A win would mean a lot for this young club.

13. (13) Real Salt Lake (4 pt.) – Think Jason Kreis is rethinking this whole coaching thing? No, he is doing fine, and you can already see a change in how this team thinks and plays. I feel they got a lucky PK call against Dallas but they just didn’t have the legs to get a point on the road this past Sunday. They have to go to Chicago this weekend and they could see their first win of the season there. Chicago is a club on the slide and it may be the perfect timing for this club to get their first win of the season.