(Update) This Much We Do Know..

(Update) This Much We Do Know..

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 20, 2007

As many of you know I have been keeping a closer eye every team in the league this week and even into parts of next week. I said that we would know a whole lot more about who would be placed in certain categories like “team to beat” and so on. So far a lot of that is ringing true with the clubs in the league after this weekend. Some verdicts are still out because of games left to be played but for the most part signs are pointing in directions that we can actually see unlike before this season.

For more on what I felt see below in the article called: “Digging Through The Dirt“. I had a good amount of responses about it and most of you agreed with me on what was said about most of the teams.

Here is an update on where we stand…

New England: Didn’t exactly play the best 90 against Houston but somehow found themselves on the positive side afterwards with three points. I have to say that when you are a good club and play as poorly as the Revs did and still get a positive result then things may be real special this season. I think its safe to say they may be in the “team to beat” category now, a lot more will be told if they are able to get three points against KC in the next match. By the way, Matt Reis is easily the front runner for Keeper of the Year…breathtaking save last night on Richardo Clark.
Red Bull New York: I said they needed three points against the Crew and they got it. They dominated the Crew and got four goals. I think they are a true contender in the east and will rival New England for the rest of the season.

Houston Dynamo: Didn’t get a single point in their last two against Toronto or New England, yet outplayed both teams. I will say it again though, I don’t see them repeating as champions. Outplaying teams like the Dynamo have done and not getting anything from it will do one of two things to a team: either help motivate them (which will probably happen for the most part) or totally hurt them. I do think things will look for for Houston and the goals will come. But so far they have put themselves in a major hole because of their lack of offensive production.

FC Dallas: The verdict is still out on this team in my mind. Got three points on the road and they are quickly showing that they can play anywhere in the league and get a result. Now if they can get the same positive result at home today against RSL then you can start placing them in a contender role in the west.

Colorado Rapids: Got a draw with KC. Eh, not too bad. I still believe they will be able to salvage the home standing in the next game and get three points. Still a lot is out on this team though. A loss or another draw and you can think they will be more of a pretender than a contender this season.

Kansas City Wizards: Nice draw on the road, but I am still no believer in this team until they beat a quality side. They beat New England in the next game and then Wizard fans will have something to talk about. I see this team as a mere pretender more than anything, struggling to make the playoffs.

Chicago Fire: Straight up pretending now I think. Sure injuries are hurting them but its no excuse. I think a coaching change will take place this season in the Windy City. This team has no attacking creativity to compete in a very competitive east.

Columbus Crew: Blown out on the road, ouch. They get Toronto in town next weekend and I think they should be able to get a result against the Reds, but if they don’t my stand on them making the playoffs as the 8th and final team may change.

LA Galaxy: Yeah, I will know more in a week. I don’t think we have all seen enough of this team to really know anything at all at this point.

Chivas USA: Same goes for this team as their Toolbox counterparts. Though I think after tonight we will really know more about this team.

DC United: Good, got a result on the road and now things are really looking up. Expect this team to really start contending in the east. The slow start put them in a big hole but they still have the talent to do some damage in the east.

Real Salt Lake: Will definitely know more after today. They need a win badly though, if not they will easily be one of the bigger disappointments in my mind this season.

Toronto FC: Hey three points against the two teams in the league that really know a rough atmosphere like Toronto. Sure the DC loss will be tough to swallow but getting six points from three games in eight days is a real positive. Don’t see this team making the playoffs but in this league you just never know.

More will come after today’s games as well…stay tuned.