This Much We Do Know…

This Much We Do Know…

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 19, 2007

Like I said before the weekend began was that we would know an awful lot about these clubs once this weekend was over. So far I believe that is ringing true.

DC found a way to beat Toronto on a late PK goal by Jamie Moreno, who ties Jason Kreis on the all-time goal list. Which, by the way, most won’t believe this but a good chunk of Moreno’s goals have come from the PK spot. Interesting bit of info for you. We saw a lot from DC, they are looking like a contender again in the east even though they still have a load of ground to make up with New England and New York at the top. Toronto, like I said would be lucky to get anything out of this week and three points is a good showing considering the amount they have played in the last eight days. Three games in eight days is tough on any team, good or bad.

New York is a contender. They proved it today with their thrashing of a very good Columbus defense. Four goals was exciting if you are a Red Bulls fan but judging by the attendance, many still don’t realize it. I know the weather, who cares, I guess maybe I am getting spoiled seeing all of these Toronto games where people actually show up well in bad weather.

Hey, hey, Clint Mathis scored again today. I hate to say I told you so. He is an “every-other game kind of guy”. I can’t say I am expecting anything less than a yellow card next Thursday against Chicago.

Columbus on the other hand looked in a world of hurt. Bad defense and unlucky play. They will still struggle to make the playoffs but I still feel they will sneak in.

Games in progress…

Colorado is up on Kansas City at the half…big surprise in my eyes.

New England is up on the Dynamo. I will say it again about the Dynamo, they lose this game and they will not repeat as MLS Champs in 2007. Eventually all of these missed chances by the Dynamo will work out but so far it is killing them.

More to come later on…probably in the morning…