Thoughts on Trade Rumors

Thoughts on Trade Rumors

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 15, 2007

Last couple days or so there has been an interesting trade rumor floating about in the league that really makes no sense what so ever. It all started in Sunday’s LA Times, saying that the Galaxy were entertaining the idea to trade for Carlos Ruiz. FC Dallas’s front office caught wind of it and wasn’t pleased with the rumor.

Another hot rumor was that Guatemalan striker Carlos Ruiz would be returning to the Galaxy, which lacks an accomplished goal scorer and a Latino flavor. Ruiz, immensely popular in his time with the Galaxy, fills both bills.

To get him, though, the Galaxy would have to give up quality for quality, and the talk was that it might be right back Chris Albright who ends up going to FC Dallas, possibly along with recently acquired forward Nate Jaqua.

A slightly outdated wing back and a vastly overrated striker who plays the exact style as two other Dallas strikers not named Ruiz. For one the trade sounds absolutely unfair to Dallas and this is not the Dallas fan talking either.

Sure the Galaxy would love to  land a top striker like Ruiz; but think about the last time they had Ruiz, he was dumped to Dallas in order to get Landon Donovan. So in my mind and probably in the mind of many others around the league is that in order for LA to get Ruiz they have to give up something as equal in return. Albright and Jagua don’t even come close in salary, marketing, or play.

Now, this trade rumor is absolutely absurd in the minds of the Dallas front office. For the most part in their minds, this is nothing more than a crazy rumor that is a non-story.

As it should be too. I don’t see why anyone in LA would proclaim such rumors either.

Ruiz isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either. He knows Dallas has built around him and wants him there. Not to mention he is the captain. Kinda hard to leave on a crazy trade when you are the captain of a team that is being built around you.

As for LA getting a quality striker to help out Donovan and Beckham, who knows when or if that will happen. Jaqua certainly isn’t the answer they were looking for. I can’t see anyone else on the trading block as of right now in the league who is a solid scoring threat that would work well with LandyCakes.

I guess that story will be written later on…