Houston Looking Into Stadium Issue

Houston Looking Into Stadium Issue

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 15, 2007

The city of Houston and the defending MLS Champions Houston Dynamo are currently looking into getting a stadium deal worked out.

The deal to be worked out would get the team a new stadium near the city’s current baseball stadium, Minute Maid Park, and would be a 20,00 – 22,000 seat stadium.

The current cost details look to be in the $70 million range. All the details are set to be worked out by mid-summer. Currently the team plays at the University of Houston football stadium, Robertson Stadium.

I said it before in my season predictions, this team will get a stadium deal before the end of the season and will probably even break ground on it before the MLS Cup. I really do believe that. The team and the city will get this club the stadium it has always been waiting for. Not to say that Robertson Stadium isn’t a good home, it just isn’t their true home.

More details on this as I get them. As for now the details are slim but at least they are in the process of hammering out a deal here. That much is a good sign.