Final Week 6 Thoughts

Final Week 6 Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 14, 2007

I got the “I told you so’s” out of the way and I just wanted to put a cap on this past weekend because it was a very entertaining weekend of play in the league.

  • Contrast between who is playing well and who isn’t is intriguing because its almost a flip-flop of how the teams in the league started….New England started off slow and people were writing them off and now they are playing the best soccer in the league…in contrast to New York and Chicago who started off hot and are now cooling off
  • Clint Mathis is still not back folks…I don’t even care if he scores and assists in the next game with the Crew…he is consistently inconsistent.
  • Worst quote of the week following a loss was Bruce Arena:

“It was a bad performance on our part. I am very disappointed. Even though as you can tell, we got it together in the second half. We played 120 minutes on Tuesday, but that is not a reason to lose”

Poor excuse Bruce, your team played across country on Tuesday…the Rapids played across country on Thursday! Suck it up and just tell people you lost because of uninspired play. You shouldn’t even be talking about how you played on Tuesday after a loss. Also they looked a bit lost without Reyna. If he is hurt for any time it will really hurt this team.

  • Taylor Twellman is looking like the MVP he was in 2005. Six goals in seven games is just something else to watch.
  • In contrast Eddie Johnson still hasn’t shown to me that he is really back.
  • Scheduling is killing the Galaxy. I know I sound like a broken record but it is true. Thankfully for them they get start playing in consecutive weekends.
  • I will let KC off the hook this weekend for their attendance. Draw (barely) over 10k against Dallas is decent but still nothing to brag about. I do like that they place their supporters on the opposite side of the camera so it looks like people are actually at Arrowhead. Also, hat tip to the Hoops supporters making the drive to KC for the weekend game. Loved the smoke bombs in the late stages of the game.
  • In contrast the leagues ‘best’ in New York had trouble drawing 8,000 for their game yesterday with Colorado. You can’t tell me that in a market the size of New York that they cannot draw over 10k for every game. It is pathetic. Don’t give the mother’s day excuse either or that Giant Stadium is horrible. Nearly 20 million people in New York and around the area and you cannot draw at least 10k to a professional soccer game. Poor advertising Red Bulls, just poor.
  • LA and New England may have been the best match of the season thus far. Very back and forth, very entertaining stuff. Glad I went back and watched it on my league pass on MLSnet.
  • Loved the Toronto game as many of you already know. I have reviewed the little situation between Pickens and Dichio. Both were in the heat of the moment. Both should have gotten reds in my eyes because of how out of hand it really was and the ref probably should have only given a yellow to Gutierrez for his body slam to claim down Dichio. I expect fines and possibly some suspensions. Both Toronto and Chicago fans just need to cool down about it. Also the league needs to take note that the crowds up there will affect the refs just as much as the players. So send you best MLS if you want a fairly called game.
  • Very savvy crowd up at BMO Field. I wish others around the league would take note of just exactly how damn good of a crowd they are. Some expect a cooling off period with the large attendance figures but many people do not realize just how good of a sports town Toronto really is. Probably one of the best.

Okay some weekend awards:

Best Player: Taylor Twellman (gosh that was easy)

Best Keeper: Dario Sala ….thank God he is back in the Hoops lineup

Best Goal: I liked Dichio’s goal but Maurice Edu’s finish on that third Reds goal was amazing

Best Coaching Move: Putting Freddy Edu on the wing…way out on the wing. Great move by Jason Kries

Enough for now…be back later on with Power Rankings and other tidbits.