Tides Are Turning In May

Tides Are Turning In May

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 13, 2007

Isn’t it odd how things are starting to shape up in the league? Sure it was a mere one game for a couple of teams for me to base this standing on but for others it has been building up. It’s strange how I was wrong about some teams but now they are proving to play just as I thought they would to begin with. April must really not be my month on a calendar year but maybe May is. I was off a month on my bases on a couple teams.

After this weekend I have some “I told you so” for some teams and other people out there. I knew it was too early to rank teams like Chicago, Kansas City and even LA too high in any sort of power ranking. I didn’t want to at times but I did because of run of play but now it is coming back around just as I thought it would at the beginning.

Sure, I will admit, I am gloating a bit about this here. You are allowed to when you get somethings right.

I know I have been dead wrong on a couple teams but I will accept that any day.

After this weekend I am seeing the Chicago that I expected. Even saw parts of the Red Bulls that I expected. And again I will point out that Clint Mathis is not back. Still no back-to-back games for Cleetus that were noteworthy for me to proclaim his return. At his rate he will have just as many cards as goals.

Many thought New York was unstoppable more so than ever now with the addition of Juan Pablo Angel but today they looked horrible against a legged Colorado team that had just played at home, across country a couple days earlier. You have to think losing points on the road in that controversy to Real Salt Lake did something to this team. I figured they’d bounce back but I guess not.

Chicago is playing like the Fire I thought they would. No defense, a midfield that isn’t creative enough on their own and strikers up front that are cooling off. I wonder if the next two Thursday night games will be enough to bounce them back on the right track. For now, I doubt it.
I will remind you that KC got off to a good start because they played the league’s worst team in Toronto in back-to-back games, plus throw in the game with a confused DC (at the time) and it is no wonder why they started the way they did. Oh yeah, Eddie Johnson, is slowing fading away folks. Plus, this squad oddly enough reminds me a lot of last years. Get off to a quick start, Jimmy Conrad goes down for a few weeks plus some National team duty, and before you know it they are struggling to find themselves in the east.

I knew New England would find their way. They are starting to look like a team on a mission here. They want a third trip to the MLS Cup to actually win the damn thing for once.

Scheduling for the Galaxy is killing them. Simple as that. They can’t gel as a team and when they will get a chance to it will be a media circus with Beckham in town. I will be shocked if they make the playoffs, I really will. Aside from Becks and Landon I see no true striker on that team and that is not a good thing.

Lastly, the west is going to be catching up to the east real soon to balance things out. Dallas and Colorado have shown this weekend they can contend with the ‘best’ that the east has to offer. Houston already shown signs of life last weekend and I can expect the same next weekend. As for Chivas, a draw on the road helps, but getting positive momentum going is the most important thing.

I will leave comments on Toronto, Dallas, and other teams for later. I just felt the urge to comment on what I’ve seen lately with some teams. I am wrong and right on many things still but then again we all are. I and others wouldn’t blog about this sport if we didn’t care enough to have an opinion on this matter.

But man, isn’t it odd how things are starting to turn here?