Houston and Columbus Trade Forwards

Houston and Columbus Trade Forwards

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 9, 2007

Columbus in an effort to get some attack going have dealt for Houston forward Alejandro Moreno, in return the Crew will send Joseph Ngwenya to the lonestar state.

The deal is expect to be officially announced sometime today. Though, knowing the MLS could be announced tomorrow night during the prime-time game with between RSL and Colorado. The league has a weird way of letting the general public know about these sort of deals. Most of us online knew about the Schelotto signing far before the league even discussed it on their website or on the airwaves. That is just how slow they are folks.
Anyways, this is an interesting deal. I like Ngwenya and his style of play. Houston is getting a very solid player because of his ability to play in the midfield or up top. Columbus on the other hand is trying to find some offense at any possible way that they can. Moreno has had moments where he has proven he can score for Houston but hasn’t done much of anything this far this season.

Overall it sounds like a very solid deal for both clubs. They both get something they need and a change of scenery does help some guys and I think it will work for both clubs in the long run.