Teams Stealing Points

Teams Stealing Points

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 6, 2007

A couple teams stole some points, while another team dominated on the road. Saturday’s lackluster schedule proved to be otherwise. Loads of goals and a few points in the standings were stolen by home teams instead of road teams for once.

It all started with Columbus at Kansas City. The Wizards looked like a team for the most part that were settling on getting a draw yesterday afternoon while the Crew were pushing forward and making changes on the pitch to get three points. Then along comes a beautiful KC goal from Jose Burciaga Jr., and the Wizards steal three points with seconds left on the clock. For once there we saw a vulnerable Crew defense who just let Burciaga dribble right through their hearts and score. It was a great strike, a replay that you should look for on youtube.

We also got to see the debut of Schelotto for the Crew and honestly he guy didn’t at all impress. There was maybe a couple times that he got on the ball and wowed the crowd and the TV audience. But other than that he look a bit lost on the pitch. Maybe it was because he didn’t have a midfield giving him the ball and maybe he hasn’t had enough time to settle in with his new team. I am sure things will turn around for the Boca legend.

Fact was, the Wizards stole three points in my mind. The late goal now gives the Wizards a slim lead in the overall standings in the east and in the league. Who would have thought.

Another couple points were really stolen out in Mormon country. Its been documented before that New York just doesn’t play well in Salt Lake and it looked like that was about to not be true as the Red Bulls had a nice 2-0 going into the half. Clint Mathis put his stamp on both goals by scoring one and assisting on the other.

But then right after the hour mark their shutout streak came to a close. The league’s all-time longest shutout streak was ended and RSL looked like a new team. But then struck Clint Mathis with his second goal, yes, second goal. He really likes playing against RSL folks so don’t get over excited about Cleetus’s performance last night. That second goal put the Red Bulls up 3-1 with under 10 minutes to go when “controversy struck” according to Red Bull faithful.

A weird PK call in the 90th minute put RSL within one and then somehow two minutes later RSL was able to steal the three points and get the draw with a Chris Brown goal. Which by the way, may end up being the goal of the year. Something special folks. View that highlight if you can.
Controversy or not, this game was very ugly for a Red Bull fan. It gave them and the rest of the league a view of just how easy it can be to rattle this club. It was very Metrostar like if you want to get right down to it.

Fact remains, the Red Bulls have not won in Salt Lake in over two years. Is the confidence shot? I highly doubt it, they will rebound but they best do it quick or they will be trailing KC and Chicago before they know it.
The last game of the night was expected to be a good contest and it was. We finally saw Dewayne De Rosario come alive and lead the Dynamo to a nice road victory. After going down 1-0 early the Dynamo found many different ways to score and won in Commerce City against the Rapids 3-1 behind two, count them, two DeRo goals.

Not only did DeRo get on the board for the first and second time of the season, Brian Ching was into the attack scoring the tying goal early in the second half.

This was the game that Dynamo fans and people around the league were waiting on from this club. It took a slow start but you have to think there is more to come with this. A lot of momentum will come of this for the Dynamo going into their next couple of games I think. As for Colorado, the defense is looking older everyday and that is not something they need at this point in the season. It is far too early in the year for an old defense to be looking that old.

Two more games today, if they are anything like last nights then it will be a great weekend for the league.