The Over Vs. The Under …Paid That Is

The Over Vs. The Under …Paid That Is

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 5, 2007

The 2007 league salaries being released yesterday gave many of us the time to sit and debate over the under and over paid. At first I only took time to gather a couple names for both sides but upon further review I felt like sitting down making a full roster of under and over paid players in this league.

Now of course this is all based on experience so far this season and probably some of last season. I will use just the base salary for this as well.

For the Overpaid it will come down to production meting the value of the contract. DPs are excluded but everyone else is going to be fair game in my eyes so far. All contracts in this roster are going to be at a minimum of $100k. Obviously for the underpaid it will be a max of $100k and their roster will be on the same production/bang for your buck.
Feel free to comment, suggest and discuss.

The WVH Overpaid XI:

GK Shaka Hislop DAL $220,800.00
D Greg Vanney COL $216,667.00
D Marco Reda TFC $105,000.00
D Chad Marshall CLB $123,000.00
D Jim Brennan TFC $150,000.00
M Clint Mathis RBNY $270,000.00
M Chris Klein RSL $180,000.00
M Pascal Bedrossian CHI $175,008.00
M Richard Mulrooney HOU $220,000.00
F Edson Buddle TFC $150,000.00
F Alejandro Moreno HOU $120,000.00
Roster Value: $1,930,475

Some may ask about a couple players. For one Vanney is a bit old for that contract. He is showing his age on the field at times and I have to say I was a bit shocked to see him making that much. Same goes for Mulrooney, who to his credit has been bit by the injury bug a few times in recent years but to see him in that salary range caught me off guard. The rest should speak for itself, they are all overpaid and under producing. The two up top haven’t given anyone reason to think they are top dollar strikers just yet. I honestly wanted to put Eddie Johnson on this list but since he has actually produced some this season, it wouldn’t be fair to him.

The WVH Underpaid XI:

GK Bouna Coundoul COL $30,000.00
D Bobby Boswell DC $30,870.00
D Jonathan Bornstein CHV $57,500.00
D Seth Stammler RBNY $30,870.00
D Hunter Freeman RBNY $50,600.00
M Andy Dorman NE $30,870.00
M Hercules Gomez COL $49,350.00
M Jack Jewsbury KC $50,000.00
M Dax McCartt FCD $33,000.00
F Chad Barrett CHI $41,212.50
F Scott Sealy KC $33,075.00

Roster Value: $437,347.50
Pretty crazy to think that eleven has played much better than the guys getting paid more. I also left off any development player from this list because we all know just how poorly they are getting paid. That is a discussion for another day I suppose.

This roster above is pretty justified in my eyes. No real explanation for it. Some may ask about Dax McCarty but once you see the kid play for the Hoops you will understand, very bright future in front of him. Jewsbury is another that is fun to watch and provides a lot for his club.

I thought about making this more of a bang for buck kind of roster or one that has some guys making six figures who are producing well but at the end of looking at all of this I felt this was the right way to go with an underpaid roster.

I won’t say that the underpaid would beat the overpaid in a match or anything but it would be interesting. It almost makes you want to be a believer in the get paid based on performance style of salaries. In other words if you play well you get paid more and if you play poorly you get paid poorly on a game by game basis. But we don’t live in that kind of world where the Clint Mathis are not getting ridiculous contracts for playing poorly.