Guevara Leaves Chivas

Guevara Leaves Chivas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 4, 2007

As reported on Amado Guevara has left Chivas USA, but not for another club. This saga keeps getting better if you ask me…okay not for Guevara or for Chivas but for just the story’s sake.

Guevara is still technically on the club’s roster and I would imagine if he tries to go anywhere else in the league a trade or deal of some sorts will have to be in place.

This comes as a bad point for Chivas. Guevara was their high-profile acquisition in the off season. Chivas pulled probably one of the dumbest moves to get Guevara though by sending away the club’s Designated Players’s spot to New York. It looked good at first though when Bob Bradley traded for Guevara, the two had previous success together, but Bradley as we all know is now with the National team and Guevara and current coach Preki didn’t see eye to eye.

“The guy has been a good player for the league. I don’t argue with that,” Preki said. “But in terms of how I see things, I see it a little different. I didn’t know him before I came here that well. I gave him two or three months to see how things work. If I don’t see things aren’t going to work out, I might as well do it right away instead of waiting down the line and then that becomes an issue when we’re facing the crucial part of the year.”

Even though Guevara was a headache on the field for Preki and Chivas, they did claim he was fine for the team off the field, something that may surprise some folks.

“I never had a problem with Amado. Amado was OK. He always has a smile on his face,” Preki said. “This is a big club and I was looking for something different. He has a different style of play than what I want to play and we want to play here in Chivas. That’s the way things go in life.”

More on this I am sure as the day and weekend go on.