Thursday Night MLS Preview

Thursday Night MLS Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 3, 2007

After a fairly crazy day of news around the league it is time to get back at the task at hand. Thursday night prime-time soccer on the duce.

DC United hosting two time defending eastern champ, the New England Revolution. Since the Black-and-Red have started off winless this game sort lacks the luster that it should have. However, it will still be a good contest.

Biggest questions are on if DC can shutdown Taylor Twellman more so than if New England can shut down DC’s offense. I think New England will be able to hold their own in the midfield against DC but the battle has to be won in the back between these two sides. Whoever comes up on the short end of the stick will be without any points come tomorrow morning in the standings.

If you had asked me about this game last week I would have said DC without any doubt but the old phrase what a difference a week makes really puts this prediction in a pickle.

One has to think that DC will finally get off their asses and play like they should but one also has to believe the Revs have what it takes to beat this pathetic United defense. To get shutout by the Crew last week should tell you something about this United team in my eyes. I know its a home game but I cannot see them getting anymore than a point tonight if they play the way they have been. If there is the slightest bit of stability in the back from the United I will take them any night but right now I just cannot. I said they lacked the amount of defense at the beginning of the season and it is already showing here.

Plus, they have to get that offense going. That attack should be scoring like no other out there but they aren’t. Maybe we put way too much stock in this team at the beginning of the season when we forget they do have an aging Jamie Moreno and the always hot-and-cold Christian Gomez. Remember Moreno scored a good portion of his goals last season from the PK spot. Take that for what it is worth, in other words, he isn’t creating much on his own enough of the time anymore.

The Revs are looking sharp and they know they need six points from this weekend just as much as the United do. Both teams do have Sunday games so it makes you wonder exactly how much we will see out of each squad as they may be saving some legs for games this weekend (in particular New England).

Will this be the game that breaks the United’s funk? I hope so, hate to see this good of a team start off this badly. I think the Revs will be able to hold the attack that DC has. Though expect the United to come out and fight in this one. I am not taking the United in a win and I am actually not taking the Revs in a win either.

Draw it is. Both teams will get a least one point this weekend, if not four each.
WVH Prediction: DC 2, NE 2