Report: Chivas Denies Trade

Report: Chivas Denies Trade

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 3, 2007

Some had to believe this Guevara trade to Toronto was bad. Well, this morning Chivas USA came out and said it was false.

Now denying a report on a trade doesn’t really mean it isn’t legitimate. There have been many trades that teams have claimed as false over the years that ended up as real. Plus, the LA Soccer News, the paper who reported this trade yesterday is pretty darn reliable.

Toronto MLS FC blog is also saying that Toronto Director Paul Beirne (the TFC version of Peter Wilt) is claiming that this deal is not happening. However, he isn’t ruling it out is possible trade bait for landing Dwayne De Rosario from Houston. A deal that I know TFC has been looking for ever since the day they announced they were becoming a team.

More on this as the day continues I am sure…oh yeah, there is an MLS game tonight too…this day is shaping to be an interesting one for sure.