Guevara Really Heading To Toronto?

Guevara Really Heading To Toronto?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 2, 2007

Just when the trades are dying down with Toronto they go and possibly spin up something new. Something crazy, something that I cannot even imagine really happening until I see it posted on MLSnet.

According to Andrea Canales of ESPN Soccernet, Amado Guevara was traded by Chivas USA to Toronto FC for Paulo Nagamura, and an undisclosed draft pick. The deal is pending league approval. Guevara was traded in the off season by Red Bull New York for a designated player to Chivas USA. He has lasted all four matches and produced next to nothing for the Goats.

I find a lot of oddness in this rumor. Its Mo Johnston going after another former Metrostar player. So far Amado hasn’t worked out at all for Chivas in this short season. Also I wonder exactly how this would work for TFC since they have had a few notable players exit upon playing there after a short time. But if Mo got Amado to commit to this team then things could be very interesting and could work out. At his best, he is one of the league’s top midfielders.
Until this becomes official, and maybe tomorrow night on the league’s prime-time game with New England and DC we will get more clarification, I am going to remain skeptical about this deal truth.