MLS Power Rankings – Week 4

MLS Power Rankings – Week 4

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 1, 2007

As the weeks go by we seem to get more clarification on certain teams, while others leave us shaking our heads in disbelief over what we are seeing. This past weekend was no different, in fact to some degree, it was a fairly dull weekend.

Some teams will drop for more reasons than anything else while others will gain because of how poorly other teams have been playing thus far. The top remains fairly as close as the standings are right now. Hard to imagine that the west has one team with a winning record (Colorado) and the east has three teams that have yet to lose a game in many different forms.

Ranking (last week Ranking) Team (points) –

1. (1) Red Bull New York (10 pt.) – Still have yet to be scored on. I get a weird feeling in my stomach when I even think of that about this squad. And sadly enough I don’t know when that streak will end. Though you could say Real Salt Lake will do it this weekend. They have a history of doing weird things by still sucking. Still I fully expect another three points for the Red Bulls this weekend in Mormon Country.

2. (6) Chicago Fire (10 pts.) – I said I would do this if they went to Houston and won and here you have it Fire fans. You’ve proven me wrong even though you honestly had no business beating the Dynamo. It was a solid strike from Rolfe but I felt you were outplayed in that one. Will this stand as a ranking for some time? I doubt it, another roadie to New England is on tap this weekend. I fully expect the Revs to give them a better game than they did in week one.

3. (4) Colorado Rapids (7 pts.) – Fairly easy result against their Mountain Cup rivals last night. I thought about making a post about the game but it wasn’t going to be much so I left the comments for this. Still can’t put a lot of stock in a result against a team that sucks something awful in defense. I will be more interested in what they can do at home against the Dynamo this weekend. By the way, how good did Roberto Brown look on that goal last night? He is so dangerous in the box and the fact that he uses extra touches on the ball to score is so amazing.

4. (7) New England Revolution (7 pts.) – Solid result on the road against a Dallas side who cannot seem to get on the right path here. Still, three points on the road is three points and the Revs need it to stay hungry in a very competitive east. They get a chance at six points this week with another prime-time Thursday game and a Sunday game. The roadie on Thursday to DC will be more of a challenge than the home game on Sunday with Chicago. If they get four points this week it will be a success. Though getting three points wouldn’t be overly disappointing either.

5. (8) Columbus Crew (6 pt.) – Still haven’t lost but they finally won a game. Looked pretty good doing it against DC too. Anytime you shutout a team with the offense that DC has it is a good thing and worth talking about. Again, the Crew have the defense to carry them far this season. They get a trip to KC this weekend and I think it will be a big test. Can they stop Eddie Johnson and the Wizards? I think they will find a way to slow him down like Toronto was doing on Saturday at BMO Field.

6. (2) CD Chivas USA (6 pts.) – I am probably being too generous with this team right now. Looked all out of whack against their Toolbox rivals. They need to respond this weekend at DC. If not this could be a falling team here. Biggest question is where is Amada Guevara at these days? Maybe it was a good trade for NY to get rid of him. They have to find ways to get Razov the ball facing the net. Thankfully DC’s defense isn’t stellar and it should be an exciting contest.

7. (10) Kansas City Wizards (9 pts.) – I thought about keeping them at 10 this week because they beat a crappy team on night and then struggled on the road against the same team in the same week. But I am nice, six points is tough to argue with no matter who you beat in one week. Columbus will give them a different test this weekend at home.

8. (4) FC Dallas (7 pt.) – They drop because of losing two in one week at home. Shouldn’t drop games at home but the Hoops looked bad in those game at times. More so against New England than New York. The New York game they were just bored to death with the style of play by the Red Bulls. That is understandable to a degree but they need Ruiz and Cooper scoring here. If not then you get results like this. Plus, they need this week off to get Dario Sala ready in net in my eyes. Shaka Hislop is done for all I am concerned.

9. (3) Houston Dynamo (4 pt.) – This team cannot score and that is not a good thing. The midfield hasn’t been playing well either. They looked a little better against the Fire but still got shutout when the final whistle blew. They travel to Colorado this weekend and that is not an easy place to play in. They must find Ching the ball so he can score or else. Not to mention they must convert on all of those corners that they were getting.

10. (11) LA Galaxy (4 pt.) – Time off really helped the Galaxy this weekend. But they another weekend off. Weird scheduling here. Good win but still can’t say all that much about it. If they can win on the road then this ranking will be higher. Until then I can’t say all that much about this team.

11. (9) DC United (0 pts.) – Still can’t win and getting shutout on the road never looks good. Whatever is going on with this team needs fixed in a hurry. Two games this week may or may not be the answer. I think the Black and Red will finally get a point or two this weekend. Ten points behind the top two in the standings is a tough whole to be in this early.

12. (13) Toronto FC (0 pt.) – I am being generous because the Toronto fans are awesome, and the team below them are horrible right now even with two points in the standings. They get a week off here and I think it comes at a good time for them. They played more like the team that I expected them to be like when they were home this past weekend. That first goal will come, you can just feel it with this team.

13. (12) Real Salt Lake (2 pt.) – Bottom team here because their play has been worthy of this ranking so far. Sure they have two more points than the two teams above them but that doesn’t speak too well of them here. Chris Seitz looked better in net and that was a positive but the defense is still looking bad and the midfield isn’t playing any better. With goal scorers like Cunningham up top you have to find them the ball. Also, Jason Kries is not the answer as a defensive midfielder here. John Ellinger will be fired before the summer transfer window opens.