How the West Is Lost…

How the West Is Lost…

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 30, 2007

After another weekend of play I am beginning to be as lost as the entire western portion of the league. Only one western team won a game this weekend (but it was against another western team) and there are three eastern teams that have yet to lose a game.
Three eastern teams that have yet to lose a game! Am I dreaming here? Columbus has six points after three draws and a win; Chicago and New York are deadlocked with three wins and a draw tallying 10 points; and no western team has won more than two games.

Paging every team in the west…hello? Anybody…Dallas?…Houston? San Jose…wait…crap…hello?
I really have no idea what to think of this season at this point. Just when you expect a team to do well (DC, Houston) they prove you wrong and play horribly against a team they should beat; and when you expect a team to bomb and they aren’t named Toronto they play really well and even have yet to be scored on (NY).

I like this season though. Its young, full of energy, and it has kept me guessing after each game about how things will ultimately shape up. At this point I don’t know what to really expect out of this league. I think I do but I don’t. The balance is remarkable at this point. Even the teams that haven’t won games or played well are competitive to the point that they should have a point or five in the standings.

Also, I enjoy the fact that there are so many questions still left to be answered. Too often in this league have questions been answered far too early on in a season that they rest of the season drags on. I don’t see that happening this year as you begin to wonder even more as time goes on.

Will New York ever give up a goal? What is going on with DC’s defense? Just how bad is Real Salt Lake? How long will BMO Field be that awesome? Can Chicago and LA really last until their DPs arrive this summer? When will Eric Wynalda get drunk with an online writer again?

So many questions and so far, so few answers. Soccer really is a beautiful game. Its confusing, but so damn beautiful.