Wow…does Houston Suck?

Wow…does Houston Suck?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 29, 2007

Just got done watching Houston and Chicago. Not gonna lie, it was a total bore of a game. Houston had chances and couldn’t deliver, while Chicago made the most of what they got, which wasn’t a whole heck of a lot.

Just a few thoughts I gathered from this real quick…

– DeRo is still no where to be seen on the pitch really. A few chances but blew the free kick late in the game. He should have just taken the shot himself and not had the ball played to him from Clark. Horrible set piece, bad way to end a game too. He isn’t playing up to the standards that we are used to seeing out of him. If he wants a better contract then he needs to start playing like he deserves one. There must be more going on behind close doors in Houston than most of us will ever know right now with DeRo.

– Nice goal by Chris Rolfe. This is the kind of stuff we expected out of him and so far I have to say this season he is bringing it. You really get curious now when you think of what he will be like once he is playing along side Blanco later on this summer. Same goes for the rest of the team on that note.

– Houston had plenty of chances, and I do mean plenty. But at some point the ball has to get in the back of the net. Maybe they should have looked to make some moves to help out Ching in this off season. He is getting no help in my eyes up top for the Dynamo.

– Chicago got three points and a solid road win. I will give them that. But they honestly, didn’t out play Houston today. But sometimes that is what it takes. You need some luck and I believe the Fire got that this evening. Three points is three points and they stay on par with the Red Bulls right now.

– The best two teams in the league point wise (Chicago and New York) were my bottom two teams before the season…ouch.