Randomness Surrounding the MLS

Randomness Surrounding the MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 29, 2007

I was going to have a real post tonight about this weekend but I have too many random thoughts that just need to be put out there about this past weekend. I do understand there are still some games to be played this weekend and even tomorrow night in the Mormon country, so not everything will be answered just yet. I do hope to get some running commentary later on during the Houston-Chicago game.

  • First off, I will repeat again, I want ESPN and the MLS to look and listen to the Canadian announcers from Toronto. Their analysis of the game yesterday was a pure joy to listen to. My favorite quote from the afternoon was about Marvell Wynne. The lead announcer said something along the lines of “Marvell Wynne….love that name, either he is Marvelous or he is a winner…” Hearing just the thing made me wish ESPN would have new announcers even more.
  • Toronto will begin competing more so now that people are getting healthy and the fact that they will be home at BMO Field for a few games. I believe their next three are at home. Expect some goals and some points from this side in the near future.
  • KC was lucky to get those three points yesterday and they know it. After the game ended they all huddled up like they got out of the game alive and with three points. That could help lift this side. Though, if they lose Carlos Marinelli for anytime things could be a iffy. I still don’t see the playoffs in this team’s future just yet.
  • What is up with DC? I only caught the first half of the game last night but that was enough to talk about it really. Columbus got up for a game that I felt DC had to win at this point. They are now 10 points behind the Red Bulls for top dog in the east. I know it is early but coming back from 10 points down in the standings at any point can be difficult.
  • Columbus on the other hand learns to win a game for a chance. I have to say the more I watch that team the more I enjoy their play. They just know how to frustrate the ever living crap out of anyone out there. Most people like me say if they just get some offense then they will be tough to beat. That is still the case as they shut out arguable the best offensive team in the league in DC.
  • I think for DC they need some change in the lineup. They made some changes in defense but obviously the midfield isn’t doing their part. Supporter’s Shield Jinx maybe? You decide.
  • LA downs Chivas and boy was I wrong. LandyCakes got going and showed the Goats the door last night.
  • Can FSC get a better broadcaster themselves? Seriously, I hate hearing games that are done on there because whoever the guy is that is doing the play-by-play is horrible. Like Rob Stone horrible. Like Rob Stone getting off to a Landon Donovan goal horrible. Its not pleasant to listen to or see. I understand being enthusiastic about calling a game, I know that, but there has to come a point when you can’t be that annoying in calling a game. No wonder Americans have trouble watching soccer on TV, the quality of announcers is horrible here.
  • Chivas was looking down without some players like Kljestan last night. Showed no focus or energy out there.
  • FC Dallas needs a day off or a week rather. This two games in four days sucks if you ask me.
  • New England looked a bit better than in their previous contest with the Crew.
  • Sad showing attendance wise in Frisco today. Not even cracking the 10K mark. I believe this is the third game this season with sub 10K games and the others were because of weather. Today was very nice there. I guess everyone was at the Byron Nelson or getting ready for the Mavs game.
  • Is it me or is the west really not as good as we thought this year or is it that the east is playing beyond expectations? What is it?
  • Can anyone really believe that NY hasn’t been scored on yet in four games? That is a long time, believe me, you go on that kind of streak and you have something special there.
  • I have to say though, I get annoyed and bored watching the Red Bulls. Yes, they are the best thing going in the league right now but there is still something lacking for me. Maybe I am waiting to see Angel play for them but its like they bore their opponents to sleep and then find odd ways to score and attack. I don’t know, maybe I am the only one that sees it that way.
  • I hope to see more out of the Dynamo tonight. More importantly, more out of Dewayne De Rosario.
  • Can Chad Barrett continue his hot streak? I’m not counting on it.

Still loads of balance in this league. We get more reasons to say that later tonight and possibly tomorrow.