BMO Field May Be My New Favorite

BMO Field May Be My New Favorite

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 28, 2007

Just after two minutes of watching the latest installment of Toronto and Kansas City, I have to say that the new stadium up there in Toronto is absolutely perfect for the team and the league.

I absolutely love the environment at this place, its packed, there is excitement and it just looks awesome to me. Very European feel to it, something the league hasn’t seen before. Just wait for this place to blow up when the Red Leafs score. The crowd there is great as well, very into the game and really behind their side. Even as bad as this club is you have to think they will be this excited all season long by just watching them in this game. It’s great.

Also, this broadcasting group from Canada is a joy to listen to. They know the game and call it very well. I wish the league and more importantly ESPN would get people like this to call the MLS games. The lead announcer and his color commentator just seem so comfortable together, again, something that the ESPN crews are not.

A goal for Toronto will come, you can just feel it. We will have to wait until the second half though. Kansas City looks like a rattled team, they need halftime more than anything. Losing Carlos Marinelli hurt and you could easily see that late in the half. And I got to say, I love the play out of Danny Dichio, very physical player and he really didn’t deserve that yellow against Hartman. That was a fair challenge, anytime a keeper leaves the box he is fair game in my book.

KC pulls forward with a EJ goal in the 80th minute. The life was sucked out of BMO Field, but let’s face it, the Red Leafs got tired as the game wore on. Still its been a joy to watch today. I saw a lot of the team that I expected I would see in the pre-season here today. Lots of promising stuff if you ask me.

Disappointing result for Toronto, couldn’t get the draw but even more disappointing today was the officiating. I felt too many poor decisions by the ref lead to the result. I am not saying he gave KC the goal or anything like that but it would have been much different if there hadn’t been so many poor calls. The last corner of the game is a clear indication of this, I didn’t see a foul by either team, yet something was called. You have to let things play out in the box, especially in the final seconds of the game. Poor decision there by the center ref.

So recapping, TFC downed by KC once again, this time around only 1-0. BMO Field will be a fortress to play in down the road. I love the energy from start to finish there. Highly enjoyed this contest today.

More on the rest of the day’s contests later on….