Prime-Time MLS Preview

Prime-Time MLS Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 26, 2007

Another midweek game tonight in Frisco between the Hoops and the Bulls. A lot of people are starting to ride the New York bandwagon here in this early season. I may have ranked them the top team in the league in this week’s power rankings but I am not a card carrying member of the bandwagon.

Red Bull New York at FC Dallas

I do like where this New York team is heading. Lots of sparks here and there and Bruce is pushing the right buttons so far. Am I completely sold yet? Maybe, maybe once Juan Pablo Angel arrives and settles in as the lead striker for the Bulls.

Dallas is playing well really and this is no Hoops fan bias here. They are playing much better than expected and some young players are stating to play real well like Dax McCarty and Ramon Nunez.

Odd way of scheduling this here as this will be the last time the two squads will face one another this season. Maybe that is a good thing and maybe not.

I don’t see another 3-0 beating from NY in this one tonight. Nor to I see Dallas beating NY like that. I do see an interesting and entertaining contest on the pitch at PHP. A lot of people will be quick to write off the Hoops in this one and give the game to NY, I don’t believe that will happen. I see a draw if anything else here. Both teams are good but I still don’t know how good NY is on the road. They could be just like Colorado and be a one trick pony and only play well at home. Until I see a solid win on the road I will think that way for now.

WVH Prediction: FCD 2, RBNY 2