DP Scorecard

DP Scorecard

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 26, 2007

Time once again for an update in the designated player/foreign player scorecard here at WVHooligan.com. As mentioned before in the last post, I do know that not all of these players are DPs, I am merely grading new talent that has been hyped in some fashion to make a large impact on the MLS this season. So please spare me the time and effort to read that these all aren’t DPs and such.

Now, I know some of these haven’t played so their grades will remain unchanged. For an explanation of their grades you can recap them here.

Those who haven’t played and their grade:

Juan Pablo Angel (Red Bull New York) – A+
David Beckham (LA Galaxy) – A+
Blanco (Chicago Fire) C
Daniele Dichio (Toronto FC)C …this one has improved based on recent trades
Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Columbus Crew)B+

Now for those who have played some:

Roberto Brown (Colorado Rapids) – Brown got a B to begin with. Started the season with a solid goal but a red card in the second game hurt his team in those near two games that he has missed. I still believe he is going to be a major impact on young players like Herculez Gomez and newly acquired Conor Casey. So the rating drops, but only so slightly. WVH Rating: B-

Luciano Emilio (DC United) – Scored in about every game for DC that he has appeared in thus far. Can’t complain with stats like that really but the fact is with all the offense the defense has lacked for his squad. Thankfully it doesn’t impact his rating. WVH Rating: A

Fred (DC United) – I like Fred, I do, I just hope to see more out of him this weekend in Columbus. Hopefully for the Black and Red, the week off has helped Fred learn his role on the wing. If not things could still be a little iffy with him in the midfield. My question will be if he gets the start this weekend and if he does, will he go the full 90? I just need to see some more out of Fred, that’s all. No change really here. WVH Rating: C-

Carlos Marinelli (Kansas City Wizards) – So far so good out of Marinelli I believe. But I can’t take a whole lot away from two and a half time of play from him just yet. Yes, he scored a goal on a PK against Chicago and yes he helped guide his team in the middle of the field (and all over really) against Toronto last night. The fact still remains, I want to see what he is made of against a solid MLS midfield. We won’t know that until the Wizards next game that isn’t against a team from Toronto. That won’t be answered for a little while really, but until then he is a slight gainer here. WVH Rating: B

Claudio Reyna (Red Bull New York) – One of the true DP players on this scorecard. Reyna looked like a machine against Houston last weekend. True commander on the field, just like a center midfielder should be. Captain America should be able to guide this New York squad to where they should be at this point, the MLS Cup. Its still early and his health can be a question at times, but the real question will be is how exactly all the personalities will work once Angel begins his time in a Red Bull kit. Reyna will have to be the manager of that. WVH Rating: A-

Carl Robinson (Toronto FC) -  Finally got to see Robinson and Toronto. I have to say I wasn’t that impress with Robinson as I was with Andy Welsh. Robinson looked a bit lost on the pitch against KC but I think things will change once Ronnie O’Brien returns for the Red Leafs. His rating still isn’t pretty but I think his time will come as well as his clubs. That first goal is always a bitch to get. WVH Rating: D

Juan Carlos Toja (FC Dallas) – Some Hoops fans told me to include Toja. And since I am a Hoops fan I easily had no problem including him into this mix. So far I have enjoyed his play and his 80s style of hair. I really am interested to see his play once Dallas gets Pablo Ricchetti begins playing along side Toja in the midfield. He is on loan this year but hopefully he can be a mainstay once the season is over. There is no biased in this rating, I promise that. His play at times hasn’t been always stellar but it has been good enough to help get the Hoops where they are today, atop the West. WVH Rating: B-
Again, this is a rating/scorecard of new talent in the league either from the designated player spots or just bigger named foreign stars that have come into the league this year. I will try to keep track of their performance as the season roles on. See if the DP is really as cracking of an idea as we are letting it be. So far, I would say so good.

Also, if I am missing any other bigger names and foreign stars that are new to the league, please let me know and I will include.