Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 3 Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 24, 2007

I will admit for now that certain teams are better than teams that I figured to be the top squads in the league. Maybe this year is going to be like 2004, when there was no dominate team and everyone basically beat the crap out of everyone. I am starting to think we will see just the year until certain foreign stars come to their respective teams.

As for right now things are shaping up in an interesting manner that I and many others did not expect. Yes, last week there was a few teams lumped together. I basically didn’t know where to put many of them because of how they had gotten there. After this past week things turned out a little more expectingly and helped unlock the group.
Ranking (last week Ranking) Team (points) –

1. (4) Red Bull New York (7 pt.) – Okay, I was wrong. They are sitting atop the league and so far so good for Bruce and company. Gosh, I love Jozy Altidore leading the attack for RBNY. Throw in Juan Pablo Angel and you get a nice mentor type of deal for Altidore. They travel to Dallas this Thursday to face the Hoops again. I honestly don’t expect another 3-0 beating in Frisco by the Bulls. It will be a tough one, Dallas is very good at PHP and they will be up for this game more so than the last time these two faced off.

2. (3) CD Chivas USA (6 pts.) – I told you to watch for this club. Gosh, yes they beat a RSL team that has no defense but you have to like what you are seeing out in LA. This weekend we get treated to the LA derby with the Galaxy. I expect another solid match between the two sides. Chivas isn’t the little stepbrother anymore at the Toolbox, they will push the Galaxy around in this one.

3. (1) Houston Dynamo (4 pt.) – Yeah, they slide to three this week for me. It could have been worse but other teams around this way didn’t fair too well either. They need to find some offense in a hurry. I think a home game with Chicago will help, even with the way the Fire have been playing lately.

4. (2) Colorado Rapids (4 pts.) – Yes, they are tied with the team they lost to over the weekend but it was a game that they could have easily won. Ramon Nunez just has their number, simple as that. The defense finally showed their age. We have to wait until Monday to see them again, but it will be against Mountain Cup rival Salt Lake. I think they will bounce back.

4. (4) FC Dallas (7 pt.) – Nice win against Colorado. Again, to me it looked a lot like last year’s 4-1 beating at PHP against the Rapids in the regular season. A game that I was at, and another game that Ramon Nunez put a deuce on the Rapids. Two games this weekend again for the Hoops, both at home. For starters in primetime on Thursday against New York, which should be a dandy and then again on Sunday against New England. Its always nice to be at home but those are two tough opponents. Gotta stop Altidore and Twellman.

6. (4) Chicago Fire (7 pts.) – Fire fans probably hate me for this but I still am not solid on their squad just yet. And maybe even beating Houston this weekend won’t help. I don’t know, I think if they do then they will be contenders for the season, but if not it will just be an up and down year where they only get draws on the road and wins at home. Got to find a way to win the roadies Fire, that’s the only way to make people like me happy.

7. (4) New England Revolution (4 pts.) – Exciting game with Columbus last Thursday, though I felt the Crew easily got the better of the Revs. They cannot do that against Dallas this weekend for they will be getting the same feeling on the way home as they did last week against the Crew. They easily gave up points on the road.

8. (10) Columbus Crew (3 pt.) – They can’t lose…and they can’t win. Thankfully they can score now. Throw in the addition of Schelotto and this could be a very good team. I enjoyed their style of play last week against the Revs. They get a possible desperate DC team this weekend.

9. (9) DC United (0 pts.) – No change because I didn’t like what I saw out of other teams that could have been placed higher than them. They definitely need to get on the right path this weekend in Columbus or else it will be an even longer road back to the top. Its still early enough that they could catch teams like Chicago and New York in the east but as each game goes on that they lose it makes it tougher and tougher.

10. (4) Kansas City Wizards (3 pts.) – Told ya they weren’t that good. Marinelli looked solid though in one half of play, he even converted on a PK. Though a double dose of Toronto this week could change at least their standing. That should be 6 points there boys but I am honestly not counting on it just yet.

11. (11) LA Galaxy (1 pt.) – No change here. The schedule is just too tough if you ask me. Too many long layoffs and too many weeks with two games. It will be tough to find any kind of solid rhythm here early on. Chivas will be tough this weekend at the Toolbox.

12. (12) Real Salt Lake (2 pt.) – Again, no change. Got dumped on in Carson last weekend against Chivas. I expect a better game against rival Colorado this weekend, well next week…its a random Monday game the league has scheduled.

13. (13) Toronto FC (0 pt.) – Deal or no deal for TFC this past week. They finally got some defense and shipped away some problem players. That should help. Not to mention they will finally be home for their opener this weekend against KC. I think they will at least get a point out of their two games with KC. And they should finally score a goal. Many people are quick to point out how poorly their defense is, but they haven’t score yet either.