Some Things Getting Answered – Week 3 Review

Some Things Getting Answered – Week 3 Review

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 22, 2007

I decided to wait until the end of the FC Dallas – Colorado game to give my opinions and thoughts on the weekend’s games. Lots of happenings around the league in the past week will help shape what does or does not happen by the MLS Cup. Lots of wrongs and rights out of this very writer here as well.

A thing I do know for certain now is that this league is way more balanced that I even had ever dreamed of before. No clear top team. Not even NY really if you ask me. They may be based on points and goal differential but as far as a clear dominate, class of the league type of team, I don’t know if there is one anymore. I used to believe Houston was it and DC was it but they are doubting me more and more. Balance along with more trades and signings is helping this league along in a very nice fashion.

On to what happened this weekend though…

Start off with a big congrats to Ante Razov, who netted goal number 100 of his MLS career. I’ve always been a fan of Razov even if he has a whiny player or a bad teammate. Solid goal. Chivas really put it to RSL. I believe RSL may have a coaching change real soon if things keep going the way they do. I know they had never beat Chivas at the Toolbox but getting dumped on 4-0 is no picnic to watch…that is unless you are a Chivas fan.

I told you earlier in the pre-season to watch out for Maykel Galindo for Chivas. Amazing speed the kid has, and a lot of raw talent too. Two solid strikes against RSL in the first half. But two goals and an assist will be good enough for player of the week any time out if you ask me. Though that nod may go to someone else.

We all figured this would be a beating between these two sides. Chivas looked like a more polished team and now they may get the respect that I have been saying they should get.

As far as who will get the MLS Player of the Week, my money is on Red Bull forward Jozy Altidore (pictured above). This kid has it, I believe he was the offensive answer that the Red Bulls were looking for. Now add Juan Pablo Angel along his side and he could develop into a dominate threat in the league.

I will admit, I was wrong about the Red Bulls. They are much better than I am giving them credit for. Beating Houston definitely opened my eyes a bit last night. Not to mention playing a man down for a good portion of the game was tough.

Though this game could have been a lot worse for Houston had Clint Mathis been the Cleetus of last weekend. Another, I hate to say I told you so moment here with Cleetus. Until he puts two games, back-to-back, in solid form, then i will claim he has found his game of old. Missing a PK was ugly, I doubt he will be taking those for now on, expect Reyna to be handling that duty.

End of the day, Houston didn’t look like the Houston I was expecting. No Ching until the second half and no real magic in the midfield. You can tell DeRo isn’t the happiest of campers these days in Houston. His play hasn’t been as good as recent years so far. Maybe it is a slow start but after the way he has began seasons the past couple of seasons one has to speculate how things are going down there.

I didn’t see any of the Chicago and Kansas City game. Saw the box score and figured it was so. I did call for a draw but the 2-1 scoreline didn’t surprise me in the least bit. KC still isn’t that great folks. Sure they beat DC but that was one game. And I still am not completely sold on Chicago just yet. Yes they have beaten a couple of solid teams so far but those were at home. If they had gotten three points on the road last weekend in Colorado then I would be a little more satisfied with them. Right now I am not.

And finally, you knew I would save the Hoops game for last.

Revenge is a sweet, sweet thing if you are Dallas. Ramon Nunez gets his green card in the past week and comes out and score two goals. I loved it. Dallas played with a swagger today that I saw in them against LA. Sure they were fouling like crazy and getting carded like a teenager who was trying to buy booze, but the result remains the same in my eyes.

Yes, I think Colorado is a good team and they pushed on throughout the second half to get at least a draw but it wasn’t enough. Dallas did enough in the midfield to shut down Cooke and Beckerman and Gomez had no chances that were what we had seen from his so far this season.

Odoro and Cooper hooking up at the end of the contest reminded me of Coopers late goal against the Rapids at PHP last season when Dallas won 4-1. Very similar contest as today really.

Lots of shots on frame for the Hoops today too, something we hadn’t seen so far this season. Colorado showed us their age in the back today. A youthful team with a lot of motivation can down a veteran squad who didn’t show up any day in my book.

Still, at the end of this weekend there is still a lot of questions to be answered. This league is turning into a balancing act. As one team steps forward unexpected, another takes a step back. We are all here to still wait and debate over who is better. As of right now, there is no clear number one.