ClashQuakes Stadium Deal Looks Dead

ClashQuakes Stadium Deal Looks Dead

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 20, 2007

It looks as though the stadium deal between the hopeful reborn San Jose Earthquakes and San Jose State University is now off. University President Don Kassing and developer Lew Wolff just could not work out a compromise that each could live with.

Wolff will now turn to a different route to get the team a stadium. He is still pushing to buy land or find another site that would work. Either way it will be a lot more expensive in this route than before with the school helping out.

It all came down to the school being like they were before with the Quakes, not willing enough to let the team make any money for themselves. Before the team had to be rent in the ran down Spartan Stadium and wouldn’t do anything about the old facility to make it more fan and player friendly. From what I’ve read the school wanted to get at least half of the revenues generated by the stadium regardless if their school was using it or not.

Tough blow for Bay area fans who want this team back. Hell, tough blow for the MLS because you have to think they want the team back there. I hate seeing something like this because of how much progress they had made over the past year about getting a potential stadium deal. We’ve seen it work out there before and we all know it can work, it is just a matter of time before the right person sees that and helps out Wolff.

Wolff still has a year or two left on an agreement made with the league to own the rights to the Quakes name, colors and league titles. I still believe Wolff will help get something done it just may not be as soon as we all had hoped.

Until then we are still left to speculate if a team will ever return to the area.