Thursday Night Preview – Crew/Revs

Thursday Night Preview – Crew/Revs

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 19, 2007

You’re a fan and you just don’t know it yet. Or so says ESPN. This may not be the flashiest of games to put in primetime but ESPN is taking this risk is you will call it that and showing the Revs at the Crew.

I love Columbus Crew Stadium. Even when it isn’t sold out, I still think it comes across as a gem on TV. I do, call me crazy but I always have thought that. I don’t expect the largest crowd tonight at CCS but a decent one should be on hand. The weather should be fairly nice, mid 50s or so, some wind…a good night for soccer if you ask me. And so far as we’ve seen the league is begging for some nice weather for their big games.

We know the Crew have been busy this week signing Argentina legend Schelotto, who won’t be in uniform from what I am hearing due to a few processes that the team and the player have to handle before he can come and play in the States. Typical visa work and what not I assume. That kind of stuff takes time but he will be a member of the Crew very soon I believe.

Other than that questions going into tonights game that I am looking for:

1. Can the Crew shutout another solid offensive attack like New England? – so far they’ve done well against some decent offenses in this league.

2. Is Crew keeper Andy Gruenebaum really this good? – We will know more tonight I think but so far so good.

3. Is Sharlie Joesph really going to sit out over his contract? – Maybe. I wonder if it will start tonight.

4. Can the Revs find a way to score on Gruenebaum? – If anyone can do it, it will be Twellman.

5. Will Columbus ever score a goal? – Probably the biggest question on the mind of the Crew faithful. I sure hope so for their sake.

This should be a decent match. The Revs won’t find the Crew as easy as they did Toronto but they should find a way to score on Gruenebaum. Columbus as we all know has to find a way to score if they want to win this game. I highly doubt they are looking to tie every match this season but the way they are going they could.

I see the Revs pulling this one out though. Two weeks in a row the road team wins on Thursday night.

WVH Prediction: Revs 2, Columbus 1