Crew vs. Revs Thoughts

Crew vs. Revs Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 19, 2007

So far its been a pretty entertaining first half of soccer by the Revs and Crew. Solid soccer for the most part on the field.

Three goals, and so far my scoreline prediction is correct.

I loved how the Crew came out. Very offensive minded and really looked to score and put pressure on the backline of the Revs. It showed too, plenty of players getting chances on the pitch for the Crew.

I’ve loved the battle between Columbus’s Richardo Virtuoso and Jay Heaps. Also the Crew vs the right side of the field against the Revs has been exciting mainly because the Revs have left the Crew so open on that side all day.

But the second goal from Twellman changed the game for the better for the Revs.

And then the foul by Andy Herron on Jay Heaps was just cheap. Like the broadcasters were saying, expect a suspension of some sort by the league office. Things like that just make the game ugly. Herron needs some time off to get in shape though I think.

Lastly, I practically have to mute this broadcast because of the announcing quality. Stone is decent at times, Tommy Smyth is practically unheard of in the game really. I think he has said four things in the entire game. Andy Hopkins on the sideline just doesn’t work, please ESPN put him in the booth or in the studios to do the updates. Wynalda has been the only constant but at times he talks a bit too much for a commentator.

Really, the announcing tonight has been pathetic. Stone is a little better than Dave O’Brien but really not much. He is just as annoying but not in the “let’s talk about random bands” kind of annoying. Come on, saying the goal post wasn’t made out of nerf? What the…

Also with Hopkins, get your facts right buddy, slow down and read what you got. He was speeding through the reads and it didn’t make a bit of sense. And please get someone in the studio or booth in general who knows how to pronounce soccer names and competitions.

More on the rest of the game to come…

I love the Crew faithful. The bullshit chants have been spot on tonight.

So far too many missed chances by the Crew, they certainly need Schelotto soon.

The announcing team has been just as annoying in the second half as the first. Go figure.

Honestly, New England has been a bit lucky in this game, and sometimes you just need that. They are doing just enough to not allow Columbus and fair looks at net. Though guys like Eddie Gaven need to find the frame of the net and not the outside. Too many bad shots tonight by the Crew I think.

Nice tying goal by the Crew. Again, I love the crowd reaction, the smoke…more crowds need to invest in that. Kamara smacked that home though and definitely turned the last part of the game around for the Crew. The Revs just died on that play though, Kamara was far too open for that one.

Steve Nicol looks pissed…and he should be…bad play by his squad tonight and some questionable calls from the refs.

Another draw for the Crew…wow. At least they scored some tonight and made the game interesting. I still believe they look like a playoff team, I really do. New England needs something though right now in defense I think. They looked far too relaxed tonight in defense and that is why they are leaving with one point instead of three.

Solid game, very interesting and entertaining really. Again, the broadcasting sucked but at least ESPN is trying.