Week 2 Power Rankings

Week 2 Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 17, 2007

Week two is in the bags and now we are left to wonder even more.

There is way too much balance and confusion in this league right now. From spots 4 down to about 10 or so was real hard to come up with. Most may disagree with them and say a team is too high or too low but in all reality this is based on the season of work and now the past weekend itself.

DC, LA and Toronto are all off this coming weekend. Probably good for DC and Toronto since they have no points. TFC needs some healthy players and DC just needs to figure out what the hell is going on.

Ranking (last week Ranking) Team (points) –

1. (1) Houston Dynamo (4 pt.) – Solid win for Ching and company against Chivas. Houston in my mind is still the most balanced club of the league. They get the new look Red Bulls this weekend on the road. Both teams with four points on the season. Houston should help show why they are the class of the league right now on the road.

2. (2) Colorado Rapids (4 pts.) – Got the draw at home against Chicago. Playing a man down for 84 minutes will come back to haunt you eventually in any league. But Colorado did have a lead for some time. Gomez is really finding his form. Still have to like where this club is heading. Road game at Dallas this Sunday. Hoops will be a little more rested I would think and will be looking to get some revenge.

3. (4) CD Chivas USA (3 pts.) – Some may question this but looking at how things have played, if you are going to lose a game and gain a spot it may as well be losing to the best team in the league on the road and playing them very even. I still feel Chivas is a better team than most that did win this weekend. They get Salt Lake at home this weekend. Expect a solid result.

4. (7) FC Dallas (4 pt.) – Most of you will hate this but honestly the Hoops survived the road swing from LA to NY pretty well. Yes, they lost 3-0 on Sunday but I still cannot read a lot into that victory by the Red Bulls just yet. Dallas showed me a lot of heart, not because I am a Dallas fan but as a soccer fan in general I saw something out of this club that some in this league aren’t showing me yet. As mentioned before, they get Colorado in their home opener this weekend.

4. (8) Red Bull New York (4 pt.) – Weird, the team they beat is head of them. No big deal really, once Juan Pablo Angel gets going and Reyna is healthy this team will rise even more. Big test this weekend against Houston. Do they have enough to beat a team with actual defense?

4. (10) New England Revolution (3 pts.) – Yes, they spanked Toronto but it should be noted that Twellman and company looked great doing so. Very balanced attack and the midfield looked solid with Joesph back in the lineup. They travel to Columbus this week for a prime-time game with the Crew. I like their chances, this team will contend once again this year no matter what people are saying about them.

4. (13) Kansas City Wizards (3 pts.) – Nice result on the road to start the season. But I am not putting a lot of stock in the Eddie Johnson has returned and found his game. Remember, last year in his first game he had a goal and an assist and what did he do after that for the rest of the season? One goal. Yeah, once I see more from EJ then this team will climb. I see a lot of 2006 in this squad though and that isn’t a good thing.

4. (5) Chicago Fire (4 pts.) – Look, if this team is as good as some people are claiming and making them out to be then they would have won that game with a man-advantage on Sunday against Colorado. Seriously, they would have. But the fact was they barely got out of there with a single point. I still don’t like where this team is headed, the defense is old and very easy to break down and I don’t see Justin Mapp sticking around for the entire season. Blanco isn’t the cure to the answer either. Sorry Windy City, it just isn’t working for me. Home game with the Wizards this weekend…*yawn*

9. (3) DC United (0 pts.) – Okay, maybe it is the supporter’s shield jinx going on for the United. Damn they need some defense and a new formation. This 3-5-2 business isn’t working. Switch to a traditional 4-4-2 or something. The week off could be a big help too.

10. (8) Columbus Crew (2 pt.) – Yeah another draw. Can’t make the playoffs with 30 draws Columbus. The defense is good but the offense is very, very bad. Schelotto should be a big help to that though. Until then, you better hope the defense is good enough to hold you. New England comes into town for a prime-time game. Better hope that defense puts the stop on Twellman.

11. (6) LA Galaxy (1 pt.) – It is starting to look like 2006 for the Galaxy and that isn’t good at all. LA needs to find some ways to score and get Donovan more involved. Teams have started to figure out how much of a softy he is in the MLS. Dallas did just enough to win that game last week because they should me and everyone else that they wanted it a bit more. LA cannot coast into the summer months at the pace they are going. Possibly a change in formation would be wise as well in this week off.

12. (11) Real Salt Lake (2 pt.) – Same thing goes for Salt Lake as it did for Columbus. Thirty draws will not get you into the playoffs. The defense is at fault mostly with this team. I would love to see them go to rookie keeper Chris Seitz instead of Rimando at this point. Roadie to Chivas this weekend, that doesn’t look too promising if you ask me.

13. (12) Toronto FC (0 pt.) – Can’t really say you were surprised to see them this low were you? No, they are playing like a true expansion side. Once some players get healthy they will contend with teams. A week off may help some young players get up to speed with the actual talent that this team possesses.