Designated Player Scorecard

Designated Player Scorecard

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 17, 2007

I figure now is a good time to start rating these designated players/other foreign signings that the MLS has gotten.

Your comments and thoughts are requested as well.

This will be a scorecard that I will try to keep track of as the season goes on.

As for now since most of these players haven’t yet played or impacted their team it will be just time to rate the signing of the player itself and its potential impact.

Juan Pablo Angel (New York Red Bulls): I love this signing for NY, it gives the Red Bulls instant credibility and it also makes them an instant threat for the MLS Cup this year. For the first time in the club’s history they are being looked at as a contender instead of as a pretender. Also in the past, this club had been known for their signing of out of date stars that did absolutely nothing for the club and the league. WVH Rating: A+

David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy): I shouldn’t have to talk at all what this man will do for the team and the league. Don’t be surprised at all if the Galaxy get more attention from foreign stars because of Beckham. I wouldn’t doubt seeing another big name come to this club in the next year (if not this summer when he arrives) to play with Becks. Even if his play isn’t great, it will be good enough to make a large impact on this league. Hell, this article wouldn’t be written if it weren’t for Beckham. WVH Rating: A+

Blanco (Chicago Fire): From the moment this deal was even being talked about I didn’t care for it. Sure its a great deal for the Fire but can we really expect greatness from Blanco? Its hard to tell really. If they keep him happy you can bet this will turn out to be a great deal. If not, then Blanco will go on the same list as about 8 other Mexican stars that fizzled in the MLS. WVH Rating: C

Roberto Brown (Colorado Rapids): First game, he got the game winning goal. Second game he was red carded six minutes in on a pretty nasty tackle. Honestly, this is a good singing for the Rapids. Brown is a big dude that knows how to find his way towards the net. He has a great soccer IQ that will help (which it already has in my mind) young Herculez Gomez. It should be a solid deal for the Rapids for the remaining part of the season. WVH Rating: B

Daniele Dichio (Toronto FC): Not much is known about Dichio. He was signed the around the same time as Angel and Schelotto. He comes from Preston North End and will fill a senior international spot on the expansion side’s roster. I don’t see how this deal will really work out. Probably means one of their younger strikers are going to be on the go real soon I would think. No team, especially an expansion team need five or six strikers. I will wait and see how it plays out but until then the rating won’t be pretty. WVH Rating: D-
Luciano Emilio (D.C. United): We know by now that this man can produce and score. Don’t be too shocked to see this man at the top of the Budwiser Scoring Table at the end of the season. WVH Rating: A

Fred (D.C. United): So far the impact that Fred has had on the Black and Red has been minimal I think. He isn’t a flank player and that is where he has been the majority of his time on the pitch. He needs to be in the middle of the pitch but that is already clogged up by Christian Gomez. Part of that can be blamed on by DC’s coach. I know this guy has talent and can do some good things but so far I haven’t seen it. WVH Rating: C-

Carlos Marinelli (Kansas City Wizards): We all know the Wizards needed some sort of midfield presence but they didn’t have it. Sure they were good enough to beat DC on the road without Marinelli but I think this signing will stabilize the midfield and will help keep the other teams honest. The effect he will have on Scott Sealy and Eddie Johnson will remain to be unseen until he steps foot onto the pitch. He will help but I honestly don’t know if he will be enough to put the Wizards in the playoffs. Lots of expectations will be on his shoulders this summer when players are gone to the National team for Copa America and the Gold Cup. That is when we will know if this kid really has what it takes. WVH Rating: C+

Claudio Reyna (New York Red Bulls): Captain America. Can’t say too much else about his leadership and role with any team. Along with Angel, the Red Bulls are contenders now. If Reyna stays healthy enough to lead this team then look out. If not it will be interesting to see who controls the midfield for the Red Bulls. WVH Rating: B

Carl Robinson (Toronto FC): I’m not exactly sure if Robinson is a DP player but he was a ‘big’ signing for the expansion club over the off season. So far the team hasn’t found their stride mainly because of the lack of midfield and defense. He is a solid player but just hasn’t had enough talent around him to pick up the slack. Possibly once Ronnie O’Brien gets healthy things will turn around for them. Until then it isn’t too pretty. WVH Rating: D+

Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Columbus Crew): The Crew need offense and Schelotto should be able to provide it for them. I love this deal and really hope it plays out for the Crew. If they can get him to become a 10 goal scorer they will definitely make the playoffs this season. Their defense has shown so far to be good enough but they definitely need some offense to balance things out. WVH Rating: B+

I may have missed a big name or two, and if I did just let me know and I will fix that.

  • Allen

    Any reason you don't want to do research before you yammer about these players? Brown is not a DP. Marinelli is not a DP. Fred is not a DP. Emelio is not a DP. I'm not a 100% but I don't believe Carl nor the aging Dichio are either. If you don't know, it's okay to just not say anything.

  • drew.epperley

    if you didn't read the first line in the post…designated player/foreign players….<br />
    <br />
    i know most of these guys aren't DPs, but they are big signings…that's why I am doing this…

  • Any reason you don’t want to do research before you yammer about these players? Brown is not a DP. Marinelli is not a DP. Fred is not a DP. Emelio is not a DP. I’m not a 100% but I don’t believe Carl nor the aging Dichio are either. If you don’t know, it’s okay to just not say anything.

  • drew.epperley

    if you didn’t read the first line in the post…designated player/foreign players….

    i know most of these guys aren’t DPs, but they are big signings…that’s why I am doing this…