Deals To Be Finalized…Possibly Today

Deals To Be Finalized…Possibly Today

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 16, 2007

For a couple MLS teams, new talent may be joining certain rosters as soon as this afternoon.

Bigapplesoccer is reporting that Juan Pablo Angel will be Red Bull New York’s second designated player. Good news for the Red Bulls in that deal is that there will be no transfer fee involved as Aston Villa will not have to pay the final year of Angel’s salary. That saves the team some loot.

Some are wondering after the 3-0 win over FC Dallas if New York actually needs some more offense and the answer is a resounding yes. Even though Cleetus found his groove against a team that he has always had a liking to score against in Dallas, he wasn’t the final answer for the Red Bulls. Not to mention he won’t be able to go a full 90 every game out. Throw in the mix with youngster Josmer Altidore, who will miss some time this summer with the U20 National team. The Red Bulls needed more offense to get them through the long summer months.

Think about it now, Alitdore, Mathis and Angel leading the attack with Reyna stabilizing the midfield. Wow, that might be a tough team to stop in the east.

The signing could be announced as early as Monday. Angel could be in a Red Bulls uniform within one week’s time when the team hosts MLS champions, Houston Dynamo, on Saturday.

Other news….

Columbus is hoping that Chivas USA doesn’t put a little bump in their plan to land Boca Juniors forward Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Reports say that the Goats are also interested in the player and could swoon in the final negotiations to lure the Boca legend.

The Crew need to find a way to land Schelotto. Two games into the season and they haven’t scored a single goal, much less, they haven’t had too many good looks at net. They need the offense and they need it now. They have the defense to stay in games but they need a goal scorer and someone to take the pressure off Eddie Gaven.

A big wrinkle in this for Chivas is the status of their designated play spot. Apparently they traded their DP spot to NY in the off season for Guevara. But, it could come down to if the Crew are going to use DP money for Schelotto. Some say the Crew will use their “we have sucked for two years” (allocation) money instead of DP money. If they decide to use a DP spot then you will see him in a yellow and black jersey soon, but if not, you may find him in LA with Chivas, which would be nasty if you ask me. Guevara, Razov, Borestein, and Schelotto. Goats could win the west with that crew.

More updates as I get them…