I’m Not Drinkin’ The Cleetus Kool-Aid

I’m Not Drinkin’ The Cleetus Kool-Aid

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 15, 2007

Sure, Red Bull New York spanked FC Dallas today 3-0. But I am honestly not reading into this victory at all by the Red Bulls. Sure these are going to sound like excuses but for the most part they are legitimate ones if they are.

First and foremost, this was the third game in eight days for the Hoops and second in four that was a cross country swing from LA. I don’t care what sport it is, going from LA to NY or even NY to LA is no picnic for any team, not matter who they are. Even the best teams in pro sports have trouble making that sort of swing…not to mention doing that swing in a matter of four days. Some teams can’t even handle doing that in a matter of a week.

Second, the weather was nasty for both teams. Dallas isn’t at all used to that sort of nastiness. But then again, both teams had to brave those elements and New York was able to play well in it somehow.

Last, don’t read too much into Clint Mathis being back. Its one game and for the most part as a member of the Red Bulls, when Clint scores they typically win. Also, Clint has always had success against the Hoops. Its about the only team he has any success against. Then throw in the fact that the Red Bulls were home today and this is why there was a 3-0 victory for them.

Again, its one game. I was very surprised to see the Hoops get four points out of this three game swing. Very well could have been zero or just three but four is a solid start.

As for New York. I still don’t expect greatness yet out of them. Sure, there was offense today that we have all been begging for but  they were at home. A place that they have been good at for years. Put this game on the road in Dallas or anywhere else and I would have put money on the Hoops to pull a better result out. The Red Bulls have Houston coming in next weekend, and against a team with a better midfield and defense you can bet that the Red Bulls won’t get a victory like they did today.