Red Bulls To Use Second DP Spot

Red Bulls To Use Second DP Spot

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 13, 2007

Bruce may have finally found his man to lead the attack. Big Apple Soccer is reporting that the Red Bulls are poised to sign Colombian forward Juan Pablo Angel.

Red Bulls Technical Director Jeff Agoos was recently in Birmingham, England to finalize negotiations, according to the website. No exact word on when he will be able to come over and play for the Red Bulls.

The transfer fee has not been confirmed, but it is set to be between nothing and $1 million. It all depends on what his current club Aston Villa wants for him. Though the transfer fee probably isn’t as big of a deal to the Red Bulls as much as them needing the offense.

Juan Pablo Angel would become the Red Bulls second designated player. The club would be the first in Major League Soccer to have two designated players.

Its a deal the Red Bulls have been in search of. Bruce has been all over trying to find someone to lead the attack. This is probably going to be the best DP deal of this season if all the pieces fall into place. Angel may not be the sexiest name on the DP lot but he will surely produce the most. Blanco and Beckham will put butts in seat while this guy will put balls in the back of nets.

I’ve said time and time again just how badly this squad needed offense and this may definitely be the right answer. Look out, the Red Bulls are most definitely a contender now in the east.