Hoops Survive…and the rest of the weekend previews

Hoops Survive…and the rest of the weekend previews

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 13, 2007

Last weekend at Salt Lake City it was stealing a point for FC Dallas, this week however it was taking points from the LA Galaxy. I said if Dallas found a way to control the middle of the field against the Galaxy then they would find a way to win. They did just that.

Boy, as a Hoops fan I am starting to love the loan of Juan Pablo Toja. Hopefully once the Richietti deal goes through its final stages the Hoops will really have a formidable midfield. Though as of last night it looked as though things were working out with Toja in there. He helped make the Dallas defense look much better than they were a week ago. And thankfully Steve Morrow realized that Dax McCarty is ready to start these days.

Naturally I don’t mind being wrong on my 1-1 draw pick for the game. ESPN got a solid contest I believe. Though if I am Frank Yallop I can’t like what is going on. I’ve said before, they have to find some offense. Landon Donovan can only do so much and we saw at times what Nate Jaqua could do but he couldn’t, however, find the back of the net last night.

LA can’t lolly-gag through these early stages of the season until Beckham arrives. I don’t know how many times I can repeat saying something on that. They have the rest of the weekend to figure out what exactly they have to do to correct things.

Anyways, time to move on and begin looking at this weekend’s game.

Columbus at Salt Lake: Two young teams in search of more than one point. If Salt Lake finds a way to not let Nick Rimando get them in trouble then they will win this game. Their midfield and attack was stellar last weekend but the defense not to much. The opposite is a little bit true for the Crew though. Their defense looked pretty solid (though they were going against a weak NY team), if they find their offense they can make this an interesting contest.

I like lads from Mormon country in this one though. Too much Freddy and way too much Jeff Cunningham.

WVH Prediction: RSL 3, Columbus 1

Toronto FC at New England Revolution: If TFC shows up at New England like they did last weekend at Chivas, just go ahead and write this game off as a win for the Revs. You sort of have to feel it will go that way too.

Too much Twellman and not enough Toronto midfield to shut down the Revs.

WVH Prediction: Revolution 2, TFC 0

Kansas City Wizards at DC United: DC is angry. That is not a place where the Wizards want to begin their season. I like the recent pick up for the Wizards but I honestly don’t believe it will be enough against an angry starting XI from DC. You have to believe the home opener for the United will be more than enough motivation in front of all the Screaming Eagles to get the job done against what I feel is the weakest team in the league (on paper).

Too much Gomez, Fred, Emilio, and Moreno. Definitely not enough Eddie Johnson.

WVH Prediction: DC 3, KC 0

Chivas USA at Houston Dynamo: I think the cooling off period for the Dynamo may be over by now. This will be a solid match though. I loved watching Chivas last weekend but lets face it Toronto is no Houston here. I see this one being close but no cigar for either squad at the end.

Possibly too much Ching or Razov though. If one sticks their nose in enough someone could walk away with three points.

WVH Prediction: Houston 1, Chivas 1

Sunday’s Games:

Chicago Fire at Colorado Rapids: Gosh, I honestly don’t think I can pick against the Rapids at all at home this year. I really feel that way after one game last weekend. Scary. I still believe the Fire are a bit over rated to some degree and won’t have the answers in the middle of the field against Beckerman, Cooke and now Cancela.

Too much Terry Cooke crossing the ball and too much Herculez Gomez finishing those crosses.

WVH Prediction: Colorado 3, Chicago 1

FC Dallas at Red Bull New York: Big road swing for the Hoops. I still wonder why and who the Hoops pissed off in the league’s front office to get a LA to NY swing in a matter of 4 days. Ouch. I see this one being a draw. Dallas is going to be tired from last night’s contest but I feel is though they will have enough gas to play with New York. Weather could be an issue in the Meadowlands but I don’t know if it will be enough to negatively effect one team more than the other.

Though same as above and from last night…Dallas could get three points if they get a lot from Carlos Ruiz. If not it will just be too much of the elements.

WVH Prediction: FCD 1, RBNY 1