Power Rankings – Week 1

Power Rankings – Week 1

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 9, 2007

Power rankings are always a tricky thing. Do you rate a team for their play in a single game or over a body of work. Its hard to encompass the two together so I hope everyone understand just how I do my rankings. As the season will go on the rankings will be pretty basic and for the most part the same unless some major evens take place.

This weeks rankings are a little different from the pre-season rankings. Though, again, one week is not nearly enough body of work for some teams but as time goes on we will see just how good (or bad) these teams are.

So here we go:

Ranking. (last week Ranking) Team (points) –

1. (1) Houston Dynamo (1 pt.)  – Sure a draw with LA doesn’t mean a whole lot about this team. They were a man down for a good part of the second half. A draw to begin the season isn’t shabby at all for the Dynamo. Once they are fully healthy we should see just how good this team really is. I feel (same as DC) there was a bit of a lagging from the CONCACAF Champions Cup game on this one. I expect better this coming weekend, though Chivas will give the Dynamo a real challenge.

2. (3) Colorado Rapids (3 pts.) – Some people didn’t like me rating this team as high as three in the pre-season rankings but after seeing what they did to a very good DC squad you have to be a believer in this team for this season. I’ve said it before they will dominate games at DSG Park. Another home game this weekend with Chicago, I expect three more points out of the Rapids not to mention I am curious to see how Jose Cancela fits in with this team. That is just a good solid piece to the puzzle that will make this team what I think they are.

3. (2) DC United (0 pts.) – Got the loss on the road in a tough, tough environment. You have to think they will take out their frustrations on KC this weekend at home. You got short glimpses of how dangerous this team is offensively. Defense is still a bit of a concern but they have too much firepower on the offensive side to handle. KC will not have enough to answer that I feel.

4. (4) CD Chivas USA (3 pts.) – The Goats got off to a good start by beating lowly expansion side Toronto. Boy did the boys from the north look like an expansion side or what. People questioned how this team would respond to losing key players but Guevara, you have to feel is going to play much better in LA. Big test ahead with Houston. I like their chances if they get on the Dynamo early.

5. (13) Chicago Fire (3 pts.) – Biggest jump for my rankings was indeed the Fire. Solid win with an early goal against the Revs. If they keep stealing games away until Blanco comes, look out. I don’t like their chances at Colorado this weekend though, I just feel the Fire don’t have an answer for the balanced attack that the Rapids will bring. Not to mention the old legs on that wide field.

6. (5) LA Galaxy (1 pt.) – Got the draw on the road to begin the year. Didn’t muster up enough offense being a man up though. Dallas comes to town for the home opener. You know Ruiz will be hyped up for it as he always is against the Galaxy. Sadly though I see another draw in the Galaxy’s future.

7. (8) FC Dallas (1 pt.) – Talk about stealing a point on the road. As much as it sucked to watch the Hoops go down 2-1, you could just tell they were going to steal one against RSL. That gives confidence to this team, and that is a dangerous thing early on I feel. I won’t say they will continue to steal points but you never know. Two tough games this weekend on the road. Thursday in LA and Sunday in NY. Who did the Hoops piss off to get that sort of roadie?

8. (9) Columbus Crew (1 pt.) – Crew were solid in some bad conditions to get a draw against a team that a lot of people are putting some massive hype with in New York. Elements were bad but I like where this young team is going and they have a good chance at getting some points this weekend in Mormon country.

8. (10) Red Bull New York (1 pt.) – Still not enough offense for me to make any comment on. Rumor has it (like it always does in NY) they are chasing another foreign striker. They need something if you ask me. If this team is nearly as experienced as people make them out to be, then they should have scored on the lowly Crew last weekend. Dallas comes to town, a team with some offense. If NY controls the midfield against a tired Hoops team they could get three points.

10. (7) New England Revolution (0 pt.) – Early goals kill, that is a fact. The Revs should be able to respond at home against Toronto this weekend. If not it could indeed be a long year in New England.

11. (6) Real Salt Lake (1 pt.) – Dropping the late goal was a killer. That will either help motivate this club or begin a downward spin that could lead to a coaching change. That is not the best way to make it to the playoffs for the first time in club history. This team definitely needs some sort of upgrade at defense. Possibly going to rookie goalie Chris Seitz could be the answer.

12. (11) Toronto FC (0 pt.) – Sure looked like an expansion side this weekend now didn’t they? Wow, getting out-shot was bad. I mean real bad. The home opener on the 28th can only come so quickly for this team. Not to mention some healthy bodies. Too many of their quality players were out this weekend with something. That has to change, thankfully after the New England game they do have a couple against KC.

13. (12) Kansas City Wizards (Off in week one) – Sort of an incomplete thus far for the Wizards. No game in week number one so it leads to another week of questioning how this team will be. A trip to the Nation’s Capital isn’t a good place to begin though.

  • Whip

    DC never plays well in Denver.<br />
    <br />
    I'm writing it off as an aberration.<br />
    <br />
    For now, anyway.

  • Whip

    DC never plays well in Denver.

    I’m writing it off as an aberration.

    For now, anyway.