Slap Me And Call Me Stupid

Slap Me And Call Me Stupid

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 8, 2007

Yeah, I totally was way off on a lot of the game predictions for the weekend. Some were just sere blindness by my biased against some teams and some was just stupidity on my part.

I should have known better with Colorado. Gosh, talk about playing to the strengths, ridiculous altitude, beautiful new park that is really really wide. Smart on their part because it will become the toughest place to play in the MLS. Mark that down. As good as some teams are, and DC is a good team, you saw that at times yesterday when they weren’t sucking wind; Colorado will be a force to play at the new Dick Sporting Good’s Park.

DC’s back-line showed their weakness yesterday. If any team is going to be able to beat the Black-And-Red this season, it will be exactly how Colorado did it, by attacking the crap out of the defensive midfield and out of the defense. Its weak, weaker than people will actually give it credit for. Sure it was wicked cold out and that field is really wide but that is no excuse for how poor that back-line was playing yesterday. Also, I am beginning to question Troy Perkin’s confidence early on in this season. DC needs a confident Perkins to be successful.

However, the offense is deadly and when you saw DC score you know just how trouble they can be.

I also got to see most of the FC Dallas-RSL game thanks to the online game pass that the MLS provides. Twenty bucks is a solid deal if you are like me and live in a market that only gets national games. But anyways, the Hoops stole a point, make no mistake about that. But that is exactly how they have to play early on I feel until that midfield gels. You saw at times how effective they could be and I don’t understand why Dax McCarty was not in the starting eleven. His addition to the pitch in the second half gave the Hoops enough midfield presence to push for the tying goal.

As for RSL, you saw just how good they are offensively. I love that Jeff Cunningham keeps changing his odd jersey number each year for the amount of goals that he has in this career. Hate to tell you Jeff but next year you can’t have 105 as your number.

The back-line for RSL was weak though, you saw that late in the game and that was how Dallas stole the point. Not to mention Dallas threw four forwards at them at the end. I loved that move by Steve Morrow. Dominic Odoro is a spark for Dallas off the bench. That kid is way to fast for his own good.

It was really cold in Columbus and it showed on the pitch. Both New York and Columbus really had trouble with the elements and you will have that sometimes. I still don’t buy the hype that some people are placing on the Red Bulls. Even with an inexperienced team like Columbus, New York should have found a way to score if they are that good.

Columbus looks better this season though to their credit. I am starting to think the East will be much more open than we ever really imagined it to be this season.

I was totally in the wrong with the Fire and the Revs. I am still not solid on the Fire and now I am questioning the Revs and their talent. Let’s just say, early goals hurt the most. They always do. We saw it yesterday in Chicago and that is just how the game goes. I think the Revs went to their bench a little too late to make any changes and Chicago got a little lucky at times, but then again sometimes luck is all you need to win.

I do feel that after seeing some of this game that the Revs need to make a deal for some midfield help. No Sharlie Joseph yesterday for whatever reason. And it was evident that his skills on the field were missing.

Toronto will not compete unless they are healthy. Newsflash, to everyone and myself that was picking the new expansion side to possibly make the playoffs this year, TFC cannot afford these injuries to key players this early in the year. They just can’t. You can tell they just haven’t gelled enough as a team too. They need some healthy guys to be able to compete. They got out shot 17-5, just 5 shots yesterday. Toronto fans, send your get well cards to your team right now.
As for Chivas, folks they are good. Sure this wasn’t the best example of how good they are but they will make noise this season in the west. Kljestan looked good as ever and so did Ante Razov, who will score a good amount of goals again this season. Guevara controlled the middle of the pitch well and the defense is still fairly solid.

It was a good first weekend for the league and there is still one more match for the weekend. Hope you all enjoyed!