Colorado Swoops Cancela From Toronto

Colorado Swoops Cancela From Toronto

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 7, 2007

A nice move on the eve of the new season. I didn’t get to this story until this morning on the day of the new season but still its worth talking about.
Toronto trades Jose Cancela to Colorado for next year’s first round draft pick (Toronto had traded theirs away), a youth international spot and probably future considerations of some sort.

Toronto head coach Mo Johnston said, “We’re sorry to see him go – but he wasn’t settled in Toronto, we only want guys that want to be here. This move also enables us to go out and pick up a first round draft pick next year.”

In all I love this move for both teams. It was no secret that Colorado wanted Cancela and was willing to do what was necessary to get him. He will be a solid fixture in the midfield for the Rapids and will probably start most games. This just adds to what is already a solid Colorado team. Will this move with Cancela put the Rapids over the top and help them? Time will tell, but I still love this team as a dark-horse type of pick to win it all this season.

As for Toronto, they relieve some cap room in hopes to land another international player in Polish star Jacek Bak. Bak is a big time defender and would be a solid addition to any team, especially a team that needs defense like Toronto.