TFC Learns They Got Damaged Goods

TFC Learns They Got Damaged Goods

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 4, 2007

Okay, that may come off as a bitter Hoops fan that believes getting Adrian Serioux as damaged goods is a bad thing. But Toronto learned today that midfielder from Ireland Ronnie O’Brien will also miss some time due to a knee injury. Five to six weeks isn’t nearly as bad as 4 to 6 months like Serioux and FCD have to deal with.

But this puts TFC in a bit of a pickle for starting XI for opening day this weekend. You had to figure he was going to start somewhere on the left in the midfield but now who will fill in for him?

Tough break for Toronto early on. They need Ronnie O’s presence on the field early on this season to build up a nice campaign and in hopes of making a playoff push. Without him early on the pressure will lie on others.

This isn’t the first injury that TFC is having to deal with. Conor Casey, Marco Reda, and Paulo Nagamura are all currently out with some type of ailment.