Off Season Moves…Will They Work?

Off Season Moves…Will They Work?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 3, 2007

I love the weeks before and even the days before a new season kicks off. So much speculation about the moves and transfers made in the months off. Will they work or will they be a total waste? Lots to ask really.

And sense there is really nothing better to talk about today, I felt it was a good time to grade some of the moves made (transfers and not so transfers) by each team and see if they will pan out like they all hope they will.

Starting off is:

Chicago Fire: The biggest move is the one we have been buzzing about for the past couple days. Blanco from Mexico is coming to the Windy City, sometime around June I believe. Wow, probably one of the most hated men in Mexican soccer as far as an American is concerned is coming over to play. Probably the biggest gamble by any team this off season I think. If it works out the Fire add the spark that they were looking for in this off season, but if he is a bust and becomes unhappy (which many are hoping for, myself included) he will fall into the ranks of total busts that were overpaid Mexicans like Carlos Hermosillo, Luis Hernandez and Paco Palencia. Time will tell if this deal works out…I still feel that one of the DP players signed for this season will turn into a bust.

Columbus Crew: The Crew is a bit of a mystery this season. They are still very young and lack some things but they look like they will be very competitive this season and could sneak into the playoffs. I love the moves though, adding Andy Herron adds the offense that is needed, plus throw in Danny O’Rourke and the Crew have some spice that could be very good.

Chivas USA: Gosh, a darkhorse in my eyes. I love the speed they added with Maykel Galindo. If you haven’t seen him play try not to blink when you do because this dude is quick. Oh yeah, they added some former MVP named Guevara. Yeah, I think the Goats are primed for a good season thanks to these moves.

Colorado Rapids: Another darkhorse of mine going into this season. The biggest moves were to get some defense. Enter Brandon Prideaux, Ugo Ihemelu and Greg Vanney. Great moves if you ask me. Will they gel enough to be good enough to win the west? I think so.

DC United: Yeah, they bring in two South Americans in Fred v2.0 and Luciano Emilio. Not to mention they already have Reigning MLS MVP Christian Gomez and the league’s second all-time scorer in Jaime Moreno. That is just sick. With that attack they should score 60 goals this year easily.

FC Dallas: Ship out your midfield and some of your defense, crown Carlos “The Fish” Ruiz as a captain, and bring in two strong South American midfielders in Juan Carlos Toja and Pablo Richetti. Make no doubt it will be rocky at first but once things click the Hoops could be a tough team to beat in the west.

Houston Dynamo: Okay, they really didn’t do anything noteworthy this off season. Really, they didn’t, they even passed on DP money from AEG. Still they are the reigning champs in the league and are still as solid as ever.

Kansas City Wizards: Only main move was making Curt Onalfo the new man in charge. Onalfo has to find a way to get Eddie Johnson going, if not then he will be no better than Bob Gansler.

LA Galaxy: Sure they got some Beckham guy coming over this summer that will put some butts in the seats but landing a solid keeper in Joe Cannon and getting striker Nate Jaqua from Chicago will prove to be a difference with the Galaxy. If Jaqua learns to find the net better with LandyCakes then the Galaxy should be fine, if not then there will be just as much pressure as you can imagine on dear LandyCakes.

New England: Losing Clint Dempsey is the biggest concern. However, with the amount of time the Revs spent without Dempsey last season and still managed to make it to the MLS Cup, they should be alright. But keeping Sharlie Joesph happy will be another concern.

Red Bull New York: Getting Claudio Reyna to sign was huge but the gambles up top with Clint Mathis will be good or bad….but probably bad. No, the deal that may be prove to be big is getting Dutchmen in David Van Den Bergh and keeper Ronald Waterreus. Expect both to start and contribute right away.

Real Salt Lake: Its all about Freddy. This season will show once and for all if Freddy Adu was really worth the hype. And I honestly think it will be.

Toronto FC:  Who knew an expansion side would land some good names. I am really excited to see just how well this team gels in time for the season. I love the additions of proven players like Ronnie O’Brien, Paulo Nagamura and Richard Mulrooney. Plus add to the mix Alecko Eskandarian and Edson Buddle and first round draft pick Maurice Edu and the boys from up north will be contenders.