Wizards Make Multiple Announcements

Wizards Make Multiple Announcements

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 1, 2007

Multiple deals in place with the Wizards. Possible signings, exchanging of players and a partnership.

The Kansas City Wizards announced this weekend that they’ve formed a partnership with Mexican club Atlas (also “de Guadalajara).

The partnership is originally a two-year deal that calls for a home-and-home exhibition series, starting in KC this summer with the Wizards making a return visit to Guadalajara next year. KC will also train at Atlas’ facilities next spring. The Wizards press release also says the two teams will “take part in player exchanges,” but gives no further explanation on the details.

Its a deal that makes sense, and a deal that doesn’t talk about the Wizards leaving town to play somewhere else for once. Its also a deal that really should be modeled after by other MLS teams I think. Sure the flashy partnerships with Arsenal and Chelsea look nice but when you really get nothing out of it in the short term like most of those teams will get then it makes sense to go South like I always say and partner up with other clubs on this side of the world.

The player exchange sounds good too. If the Wizards can get some type of South American player along with a Mexican player in this exchange it could work out a lot more.

Also, the Wizards are expected to make a “major” signing of their own very soon. Something that needs to be done, I expect a forward or attacking midfielder to be added if they are signing anyone. I don’t think this is a DP signing but more like the Wizards using the “we’ve sucked for two years” allocation money to get something going.

And there are some rumblings that the Wizards are the next club set to set up a major youth academy. Again, something every team should have. Their partnership with Atlas will help this out too. Atlas has one of the better youth systems in Mexico.

Its funny how the two dullest teams (KC and Chicago) have the best amount of news this weekend.