Bold Predictions For 2007

Bold Predictions For 2007

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 1, 2007

I figure with the season a mere days away that it would be the perfect time for’s Bold Predictions for 2007. And I can assure you this isn’t an April Fool’s Day post either.
I have a few, and though some will be ridiculous and stupid, others will be quite factual. Also, they are in no particular order as well.

  1. DC United will not win the 2007 MLS Cup – Say what? Yeah the best team in the league hasn’t won the Cup in a few years in my eyes. I didn’t feel Houston was the best team last season but they pulled it off when they had to, same goes for LA two years ago (hell they were a 4 seed in the west winning the Cup). DC may be the class of the league in my eyes and in many eyes, but along the way, like last season, they will get complacent in their play and will crawl into the playoffs as the top seed again.
  2. Houston Dynamo will be the first team since DC to repeat as champs – Okay, this is probably just as safe of a pick as taking DC to go all the way. I want to be a moron and pick some random team that isn’t Houston or DC but at this point I cannot. The gap in class between DC and Houston with the rest of the league is still pretty big in my eyes.
  3. New England will fall short of the MLS Cup again – Yeah, I believe I even called this pick out a few months ago on another blog after the bust settled on the season that was. I honestly see New England making it back to the title game at this point out of the east. I do, why? Okay, that point is still a be beyond why but my gut feeling (something you should always do with by the way) tells me the Revs will be playing Houston yet again for the Cup.
  4. Chivas and Colorado as dark horses in the west – This is no stretch in my eyes. I love the moves both teams made. Some may not like what the Rapids have done but I honestly feel they could surprise many in the west and even beat out Houston for that MLS Cup birth in the playoffs. I said in another blog after last season that Chivas would win the west in the regular season. I don’t believe that any more since Bradley left for the US MNT, but they will give Houston a run for their money.
  5. New playoff format will help a western team – Remember, the conference winners make the playoffs and the best six in the league after that. So it could very well end up being like two east teams (DC, New England) and all six west teams. Yeah, the new format will help the west out more than the east this season. Though I think Columbus, New York and even Toronto could make a push for the playoffs, I still see the west getting more teams in than the east.
  6. Playoffs will include – DC, New England, Houston, LA, Chivas, Colorado, Dallas, and Columbus. Yes the Crew will sneak in and piss everyone off.
  7. Houston will win the Supporters Shield – A stretch maybe…but very possible is all parties stay healthy on the Dynamo.
  8. One big trade will shake everything up – Somewhere this season there will be a crazy trade that pushes one side into the playoffs and allows one side to build towards next season.
  9. Expect at least two more DP players to be signed before the playoffs – I don’t know who yet, but I see at least two more big names coming to the league. One player will help his respective team to the playoffs and the other will be a total bust.
  10. Eddie Johnson will leave KC – So ever since I heard the crazy rumor of Johnson to Boca Juniors I thought, hell why not? I think at some point EJ will get so fed up with his play that he will leave KC and the league to play abroad somewhere else. Maybe at Boca and maybe somewhere else. The league won’t care because of his poor form and they won’t get nearly the money they want for him. Should have sold him sooner MLS. The kid has been overrated for a couple years now.
  11. Carlos Ruiz will lead the league in scoring – Yeah, I see at least 16 goals for the Fist this season. Will it be enough to get the Hoops in the playoffs? God I hope so.
  12. Troy Perkins will win MLS Goalkeeper of the Year – I like Perkins in net. He was a great keeper between the pipes last season and I see him building on a new contract with the Black and Red this season.
  13. Christian Gomez will lead the league in assists – Too many weapons for Gomez to dish too this season. I see at least 14 assists.
  14. Ante Razov will break 100 in total shots – Not much of a stretch for someone who lead the league last season with 98 shots. I see 103 this season. I like the addition of Guevara for Razov, I just hope they work well together this time around.
  15. Landon Donovan will lead the league in game winning goals – Give LandyCakes 8 of these this season. He had 5 last year. The Beckham effect will change his game some and improve his goal scoring a bit.
  16. Matt Reis will lead the league in saves, again – This isn’t too much of a stretch, he had 31 more saves than the number two guy (Scott Garlick) last season. Give Reis slightly less than 148…I think 128 will do this season.
  17. Maurice Edu will be Rookie of the Year – Best player in the draft will be the best rookie in 2007, as long as he is healthy. Look out for Dallas’s Anthony Wallace and RSL’s Chris Seitz though.
  18. Toronto will not lead the league in attendance – Yeah, even with 14,000 season tickets sold to BMO field, I still don’t see how they will beat out the likes of LA this season for the attendance crown. The Toolbox is still a great stadium that gets a great crowd number.
  19. DC will finally get a stadium deal and break ground – Yeah, I don’t know where at in DC but it should happen this season. It has to happen this season. The darlings of the MLS cannot go too much longer in the old run down RFK Stadium. Yeah, and this new stadium will be ten times better than any SSS we have seen thus far.
  20. KC and New England still won’t have stadium deals – As much as I think KC can get something in the near future, I think something will delay it another year. As for New England, give them another couple seasons and ask me again. At least the league at this point the league has nine stadiums in place or are building.
  21. Houston will also get a stadium deal and break ground – I almost forgot Houston didn’t have anything of their own yet. I know they have been in plenty of talks with local officials about this for the past couple months. It will happen and happen soon. That much I do count on.
  22. MLS will announce two expansion sides in 2007 – Yup, I am calling two new teams. It may be a stretch and a call for over expansion but facts remain, the league want to have 16 teams by 2010. They have said that on numerous accounts. Where is the question…I see San Jose getting back into the league and either St. Louis or Portland.
  23. Kansas City Will Not Relocate – At times in this off season I felt there would be another team to relocate and that team would be the Wizards. But that thought died down in my head and so it won’t happen.
  24. MLS will beat Celtic at the All-Star Game – Yay. I really don’t like the all-star game format.
  25. MLS will learn they need less teams in the playoffs – Though the new format is good, I really, really hope the league will take out a couple teams from the playoffs to make the regular season mean something. Top two from each side should be how it is. None of this four of six teams crap. Top two from the east and the top two from the west. One game, or two games…I don’t care, winners go to the MLS Cup like always. Less is more MLS, less is more.
  26. One MLS team will discover a young star in their development system – Yeah, another Freddy or whoever will appear in some club’s system and will get called up and signed.
  27. A MLS Club will not win SuperLiga – Sorry LA, Dallas, Houston and DC…so SuperLiga title for you this year. Though Houston will come close.
  28. David Beckham will be worth the hype – Yes, he may not play great at times but he will help the Galaxy into the playoffs and help them contend unlike last season. Attendance will be crazy over the summer months because of it and will lead to better media coverage that the league has never seen.
  29. AEG sells one of their current teams to local investors – Probably Houston. I dunno, this is a pure guess and random thought.
  30. ESPN finds the right voice for their broadcasts…ME! – Okay, I can dream right…as much as I would love to do MLS games for a living, I know there is no way in my young broadcasting career to be anywhere near ready. Someday I hope, but not today. Again, one can dream.

I believe that is all for now. If I get any more random thoughts and predictions before the week is up I will add this to this. Hope you all enjoy and have some of your own. Please feel free to let me know how dumb mine are or how smart yours are.