Blanco to Fire

Blanco to Fire

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 1, 2007

Being on the road yesterday I wasn’t able to hear about this story until today. But, according to reports is that Mexican star Blanco is set to join the Chicago Fire this week and possibly as soon as Tuesday.

Other reports are saying that depending on how his current club, Club America does in the playoffs in the Mexican Premier league is when he will join the Fire. As of now it looks like he will join the Fire possibly as early as April (Mexican league wraps up then) or whenever the playoffs end.

This is the third DP player to be signed and by far the one with the most risk. Beckham brings star and hype, Reyna is solid and lets you know what you will get while Blanco is good…but is very temperamental. This signing gives the Fire some star quality that has been lacking in the Windy City. I think the move helps a lot and will give Justin Mapp and Chris Rolfe some relief. If you are the Fire you just have to find a way to keep him happy. That is important.

Before this and until Blanco shows up in Chicago, the Fire are still the bottom of the barrel as far as I am concerned. But add him to the mix they should be better and should be able to contend. I honestly do know if Blanco is enough right now. This Fire team still lacks something in my eyes and it isn’t all on the offensive side, its defensive side as well that needs work.

Its a risk…a very big risk. For the Fire’s sake I hope it isn’t the bust that I mentioned earlier.