Well That Sure Was Fun

Well That Sure Was Fun

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 29, 2007

Yeah, I will be totally frank with everyone. I did not see the US game last night. However, thanks to the trusty VHS, I did see it this morning. Well some of it. Okay, the bloody highlights I saw but that was all I needed to see to make any sort of assessment from the match.

The game was a total bore. The crowd (which I love my Dallas crowd) wasn’t into the match as much as they could have been and for good reason, the action on the pitch was dreadful at times.

Guatemala enjoyed playing my favorite style of defense, the every popular “let’s put the entire damn squad in front of the net and let one dude roam free else where” bunker style. And to their credit their defense worked. They gave up no goals and practically created none of their own.

I, like many this morning, feel this match could hurt Bob Bradley in the long run as far as it goes for him to get the interim tag removed from his title as US coach. It wasn’t the most exciting brand of soccer last night and there was a lot of creativity that lacked from the Ecuador game. Were legs tired? No, and that is a poor excuse since there were plenty of fresh legs on the pitch for the US.

I think up top, we have seen the last of Eddie Johnson, or at least I am holding out hope for that. He lacks any confidence to make inspiring runs up the flank and take on defenders. He did have a better game from what I read and some of the brief things that I gathered but it wasn’t nearly enough for me to want to see him in the starting lineup anymore. His time is up as far as I am concerned. Give the shots to players like Kenny Cooper or even Taylor Twellman.

I do feel this was a very important test for the US. As ugly as it was, the US will see many more matches like this type this summer in the Gold Cup and even in Copa America. Learning from this game will go long way for the US.

I still love that Bradley is taking a risk giving unproven players a chance with the national squad. We saw more new comers in the defense last night. I liked it, I thought it was a good spark for the US and it worked out for the most part. At times you would see how green DeMerit and Simek were as far as international experience goes, but they played with a lot of energy that the US needs in defense.

Again, not the best of games and for Bradley it could hurt him down the road but facts remain…you just can’t win them all. It was a necessary bump in the road for the US that they will learn from and improve upon for the summer.