Red Bulls Trade For Mathis/ DC Finally Sign Fred

Red Bulls Trade For Mathis/ DC Finally Sign Fred

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 29, 2007

Red Bull New York as traded for Clint Mathis today according to Ives.

Clint is back in the Big Apple now. Oh nelly. That adds some spice to the off season that was lagging a bit for the Red Bulls. I like this deal and I like what it does for both parties.

Colorado had no problem dumping a large salary and getting a lot of nothing for it. Sources say that Salt Lake is still paying some of Mathis’s ridiculous salary, which was somewhere in the $400,000 range last season. A lot is still unclear though. The amount that New York is paying Mathis is a big question. The more they are paying the more risk this trade is for them.

All in all, its a smart deal for New York. They needed a lot of help up top and if Mathis comes to play it will work out for them. As for Colorado, they unloaded a headache. I love that for them, Mathis did nothing in his time at Colorado and it should work now that he is gone.

In other news…

DC finally was able to officially sign Brazilian Fred.

A move that most of us expected and were just waiting on. This just adds to what I keep saying most MLS teams need to do with their DP spots. Go south and sign. DC knows just how to do it with stars like Christian Gomez and Facundo Erpen. Fred is a proven midfielder and will help DC in the midfield.

Fred has already joined his D.C. United teammates in Guadalajara, Mexico as they prepare to face Mexican side Chivas on April 3 in the second leg of their Champions’ Cup semifinal. Don’t be surprised at all if you see Fred in action as he has been with the team in training for a couple weeks now.

Its a big deal for DC I believe. Still shows me that DC is the class of the league.