Boca Juniors interested in EJ

Boca Juniors interested in EJ

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 29, 2007

Saw this earlier today, it gave links about the possibility of Eddie Johnson being bought and transfered (in english thanks to  someone on bigsoccer)to Boca Juniors in Argentina.

Down the Line doesn’t like the idea of EJ going to Boca and riding the pine. Though I could agree with that, I wouldn’t mind seeing EJ go south and play somewhere else for a change. Boca wants to sign more foreign based players and EJ impressed while the Wizards were training in Argentina earlier this spring.

EJ hasn’t impressed at all with the Wizards and most have felt he has been a total headache. Sure riding the pine wouldn’t be any good but sometimes that sort of thing could spark a good thing in a player like EJ. It may even translate into positive play with the national team. Something that I think needs to be done since his play with the national team hasn’t been anything special in recent games.
Overall it would be a huge loss for the Wizards, who aren’t at all deep at offensive power. However, you have to imagine if this deal goes through, the transfer fee has potential to be still fairly good for the Wizards and the Wizards would pocket that cash unlike before. Not to mention the allocation money the Wizards would receive, it could be a gamble worth looking into.

All I am saying is the Wizards should listen if an offer is placed on the table.