Pre Season Power Rankings

Pre Season Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 28, 2007

The first of my power rankings. Sometimes it will be weekly and sometimes not. All depends on time as the season goes on. But starting out it should be a weekly thing. I am always open for your comments on the rankings. They are totally my opinion on the state of affairs in the league. Sometimes they are biased and sometimes they are just totally truthful.

All the pre-season previews are up and ready to read as well.

WVHooligan’s Power Rankings – Pre-Season Edition 2007:

  1. Houston Dynamo: The leagues MLS Cup winner from 2006 starts off up top for me. Until I am proven wrong about this team they are still the class in the west and possibly in the league for me. Their off season was a little boring for me with the lack of moves and even the talk of them turning down DP money from AEG. I still think they have a solid roster from top to bottom. If they stay healthy they could repeat.
  2. DC United: The other class of the league, the class of the east. The Black and Red have made some serious moves this off season and I like them all really. Shipping Freddy out was a big move and it should pay off for them and for RSL. The offense got better I feel in the off season and the midfield is still one of the best if not the best in the league. I feel this is the best team in the league but they have collapsed in the post season in recent years, more importantly they did last year after winning the Supporters Shield.
  3. Colorado Rapids: This could be a big stretch, but I think the Rapids are a dark horse to win the MLS Cup this season. They have the talent and the right moves from the off season in place to do some damage. I love the rebranded look and the new colors and stadium. That will help out in the long run more than people really would like to believe.
  4. CD Chivas USA: Yes, Chivas. Why? They are the underdog as usual in their own city and stadium. There is not any hype at all around this team and that is a dangerous thing because they have more talent than last season. Sure they lost some of the better Mexican players that the league has seen in some time but getting Guevara from New York was a major deal. Preki will get to show what he learned from Bob Bradley as an assistant and he will prove to the league that his team in LA is better than the other LA side.
  5. LA Galaxy: But only slightly better will the Goats be than the Galaxy. Up until the last couple US national team games I did not even want to place this team as high as 8th in my rankings. But with the recent play of Donovan I can’t deny the Galaxy will be ten times better in 2007. Throw in the Beckham effect and this team will be tough to predict. I want to see more defense out of the Galaxy but again, with Donovan on a mission, the Galaxy could make it back to the big dance in DC.
  6. Real Salt Lake: I really liked the moves to pick up Adu and Rimando from DC. This is a young team with plenty of firepower that will do damage in the west. The exfacter again is the defense. Lots of offense though from this team that should carry them most of the season.
  7. New England Revolution: I struggled placing this team anywhere high in the rankings. Seven seemed right for the time because of the moves that happened to this team during this off season. Not to mention the distraction that will be Sharlie Joesph this season.
  8. FC Dallas: As a Hoops fan I wanted to rate them higher but I just couldn’t. I don’t like the defense that this team has nor do I trust this midfield yet. Though the foreign signings from South American should help and will help once they are all finalized. Toja and Richetti will be huge in the midfield for the Hoops and once Serioux returns from his injury, the Hoops should be a team to watch. Too bad it may be too little too late once that time comes.
  9. Columbus Crew: Yes, the Crew will be much, much better this season. Playoffs are a possibility but they are still a long way from reaching that. The offense has improved a whole lot from last season. Eddie Gaven will have the breakout season that we have been waiting for.
  10. Red Bull New York: This team could be anywhere between number 6 and number 12 for me. At times I feel they have made the right moves like getting Claudio Reyna but at the same time I just feel they have no offense that can compete in the east.
  11. Toronto FC: Gosh, an expansion side that is unproven and is not at the bottom of the list? I think this teams has a lot of upside and will compete. Expect it right off the bat. The stadium in Toronto will be give them a huge home field advantage each time out with them sellout their season tickets. I still believe they will compete and compete well in the east and will make things very interesting.
  12. Kansas City Wizards: I am still wondering where this squad is going. If Eddie Johnson shows up this team will be a contender in the east, if he doesn’t again, they will be in the bottom of the league each week.
  13. Chicago Fire: I don’t know about this team. I want to think they will be much better than I am thinking they will be but right now I see them dead last in the league. And that isn’t even the Hoops fan biased in me. Even though I know they don’t play games on paper, this team on paper does nothing for me. Top to bottom there are too many wholes that need to be filled or addressed. If they address their issues they can possibly squeak into the playoffs.