Wall Street Journal Talks About MLS’s Track

Wall Street Journal Talks About MLS’s Track

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 25, 2007

I caught this discussion on Bigsoccer.com about some people’s perspective about how the MLS is doing and how the Wall Street Journal thinks they are doing. The WSJ thinks the MLS is on the right track while one or two on Bigsoccer think else wise.

Honestly, the ones that think other wise misread the article on WSJ I believe. I love people out there that honestly believe the league is on the slide and is heading to the dark ages to be no more. Plus, people seem to take one nugget of information like attendance figures and totally misunderstand them. One poster said the league did not have an average of 15,000 people over the past 10 years, he felt it was more like 4500. It is a matter of research. I highly doubt the WSJ is not doing their research on a rare soccer article.

Second, 15000 may sound generous to some but it is totally factual.

Some are very contradictory in my eyes. One guy says that soccer in the US is gaining fans while MLS is losing fans and going out of business. How exactly that works, I have no idea. I can tell you that the MLS is gaining fans every year and will continue to.

Its simple math to see how the league is expanding and growing the US:

  • Stadiums – ten years ago there wasn’t even an idea of a soccer stadium in the US, now more than half the league has stadiums of their own. And there are more on the way, expect DC and KC to get something very, very soon.
  • TV Deals – the league now has TV paying for their games. They are no longer losing money putting their games on the telly.
  • InterLiga and this World Series of Football will be huge money makers or the league
    • Also with InterLiga…it will continue to increase popularity with the Latino crowd in the US
  • The increase in better players thanks to the DP and winter transfers
  • Oh did I mention the David Beckham effect? Yeah just wait and see how big Galaxy games will get this summer

All in all the league is doing fine and will continue to. There are just some people that need to wake up and realize just how much better the league is getting. It won’t be a “big four” sport in America overnight, and I am not even expecting it to be that big anytime soon, but things are getting more positive by the day. That is something I like and enjoy seeing with the league.

And thankfully, on Bigsoccer, there were plenty of people that responded like I would and did in this post.

  • Red

    As long as it's about money, the MLS is going to be garbage.

  • Red

    As long as it’s about money, the MLS is going to be garbage.