Who’s To Blame?

Who’s To Blame?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 20, 2007

Over the past couple months we have been treated to the wonderful messages on MLSnet about a “major announcement” that ends up being just some sort of deal or talk that kind of lets us all down.

Are we the internet soccer blogging community to blame or is it the league itself to blame for the possible over hype of a subject?

Its possible both are to blame. I know I do it, I see a headline and read far too into it and believe it will totally and radically change the face of the league. Now some announcements have done just that. Last year’s announcement of how the league was going to change their competition format since there was a new expansion side (Toronto) coming into the league. That was an announcement that will change things for the good of the league.

Some may think that the announcement for Colorado should have been handled a bit better. I can agree. There has been nothing hyped up more on the internet than the possible name change of  the Rapids in this off season.

I still believe the “lack” of name change was still the best route for the club but in all honesty they should have never toyed with the notion of changing their name so drastically to something like Arsenal Colorado.

The partnership with the real Arsenal of England is great and it ended up making that deal worth while to some like myself, but in the grand scheme of things, the announcement was too much of a tease for some readers.

Other announcements that were tabbed as major proved to be nothing more than the league just spinning dirt on the readers. As much as the league will benefit from such a deal and partnership with leagues like the German Bundesliga, I feel that the league made the wrong move on how they hyped it up to everyone. If they knew it was going to be nothing more than an idea sharing deal, then they shouldn’t have told everyone that it was a major thing.

I can only hope in five years that the last paragraph will come back to haunt me for the league. Though the deal is great, it wasn’t worthy of being a “major announcement”.

Maybe all of these announcements are bigger than we really think. Or maybe it can all be blamed on the deal of landing David Beckham. Getting Becks to come over brought the league a large amount of exposure and gave the league a real reason to tab something as major. Or maybe the league just feels that since that deal took place that every thing following it is big but not as big.

Overall I feel the league does a poor job with getting information out to the public with their website. Every announcement is just about labeled as major while it seems like nothing noteworthy really comes out of the site. I believe it is time for the league to step back and look at how they handle announcing things because after a while it starts sending wrong messages to the readers.