MLS/Bundesliga Deal Reached

MLS/Bundesliga Deal Reached

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 13, 2007

Donnie G just wanted to talk...that's all...Yeah, it what was expected to be a fairly big deal between the MLS and the German Bundesliga, ended up being kind of a lack luster agreement. I know I hyped it up yesterday after hearing and reading about it because you would think it was something worth mentioning. However, I don’t feel as that is the case right now.

I was hopeful for some sort of player-exchange type of deal. Maybe get some friendlies with some German clubs, but the deal is that the two leagues will just share ideas. Great.

I am all for the expansion of knowledge but I think this was a little dumb of a deal if that is all the two leagues are going to do with one another.

I will say I like some aspects of the knowledge sharing idea, so it isn’t totally a waste of time in my head. The sharing of stadium designs (still some teams with no SSS in sight) and marketing strategies.

In all, the deal was nothing that I had hopes of but they do say knowledge is power so I guess the league will benefit from a great league’s knowledge. You have to hope and possibly think now that the two leagues are talking and sharing that they will eventually get to some sort of player loan deal or set up some pre-season friendlies between sides. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a club like a Bayern Munich to get involved with a MLS team like your Chelsea and Arsenal. I still think teams from other countries would be stupid to not get involved with MLS teams here with the way things are going.