Monday Afternoon Shib

Monday Afternoon Shib

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 12, 2007

An interesting Monday ahead for us here. As of now not a whole lot of talk going about in the world of soccer in the MLS side of things.

Naturally the big talk in America right now is of the NCAA tournament. Which got me thinking a little bit if FIFA did a madness tournament of some sorts. Keep it to 64 (no play-in 65 here if you ask me), who would FIFA take if we were doing a club team competition?

Gosh, it would be interesting if logistically this could ever happen. Say if world travel became ridiculously easier over night, like a travel portal or something. I don’t know.

But think of it. 64 of the best clubs out there duking it out in a win and advance style of play. Six and your the champs, lose and you have nothing.

Who would be the one seeds? The two seeds and so forth. Hell, who would be the last four seeds as the dreaded 16 seeds. We all love that 5-12 match-up. Would it be the same though?
I could easily see some upsets all across the board. And maybe one day if I get the time and really worked it out I would present a field and expand on this even more.

You could also make a case for the World Cup, but I love that event way to much to even dream of changing it and expanding it to a field of 64 nations.


More MLS team previews are on the way. I hope to get one in today. It will be Colorado’s if that is the case. Lots to talk about with them and this off season. The lack of name-change, the new uniforms (which are sweet by the way), and some of their roster moves. Check back for that, again hopefully later today it will be up.


Saw this article on Vasco USA, about the coaching carousal in the MLS. Very interesting and a solid read. Got me to thin about who is safe and who isn’t.

The article says guys like Sigi in Columbus are on the hot seat, which if they finish dead last then it probably will happen that he gets canned. Though I don’t entirely see that being the case this season. It also brings up a good case about Dave Sacarahan job. Interesting situation up there in the Windy City. I’ve said before they need some moves to make this team a contender again or Sacarahan has a lot of work cut out for him.

Coaches in the West have things a little different. Yallop will have a tough year in LA, make no question about that.


I didn’t talk about the “World Series of Soccer” this past weekend because I reported on it much earlier. I had a few people question me about that move. I found an article online a few weeks ago talking about it before it became official. I just didn’t feel the need to reemphasize my points about the tournament. Though I find it to be a good exposure for LA and the league, I have to think it is a little much at this point. LA is notoriously bad road team and their ladder part of the schedule is on the road. Even with Beckham I don’t see a lot of success and thanks to tournaments and games like these, I have to wonder if the Galaxy will have anything left in the tank come September.


Saw that Columbus beat Dallas in the Pioneer Cup last night at PHP, 3-0. Good idea of a game, but it needs to be closer to the opening day than a couple weeks away. Neither team should bank this upcoming season on this game. Dallas, who does have defensive and some midfield questions do have time to fix some things. But I am not to worried about their upcoming season. As for Columbus, they are still young, but have a gaping hole in keeper I think. It was nice to see Eddie Gaven step up. Maybe, just maybe the Crew can make the playoffs this season. Maybe.


Missed this article on Friday, whoops, about the Red Bulls turning one year old. It was a year to the day that Red Bulls bought the MetroStars.


DC is set to sign Fred very, very soon. I know I have listed him in the player movement updates as of late. That is how close this deal is to being done. I expect in the coming days for it to happen. I wonder though if they will have him for their CONCACAF Champions Cup game with Chivas?


That’s all for now, check back for more, as I get it to me, throughout the day. As well as those lovely team previews that I keep mentioning.