Meeting of the Minds: MLS and Bundesliga

Meeting of the Minds: MLS and Bundesliga

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 12, 2007

MLS Underground broke this story about a meeting between the heads of the MLS and the German Bundesliga.

The meeting with be held live tomorrow at 2 pm ET. I’m sure MLSnet will have a audio/video stream of some sorts of the announcement between the two sides.

More than likely this is a set up for some sort of partnership between the two leagues. I am guessing that it is merely a deal for player loans and that sort of thing which would be outstanding for the league. Possibly some type of TV deal maybe. I think a player loan deal sounds reasonable, plus some exchange of training and off season games between clubs.
Anytime you have a small league like the MLS getting into meetings with large and very popular leagues like the Bundesliga, you have to give it some sort of attention. The Bundesliga is actually one of the most popular leagues in the world of sport as far as gate attendance goes. I believe they are second behind the NFL, which says something about how many people go to games in Germany.

I am real curious about this deal now. If it is anything that you are speculating in your head right now, then it could be the deal of the off season for the league. You have to think this is a fairly big deal coming out tomorrow.