Toronto Set To Land Englishman

Toronto Set To Land Englishman

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 10, 2007

It looks as though Toronto is set to sign yet another former EPL player. Toronto FC Blog is reporting that Andy Welsh is about to join the team after a brief trail with the club.

Welsh is a former Sunderland winger that would add some depth to the Canadian side’s midfield. He was set to join another club in England I believe before an injury sidelined him and killed his chances.

I have to say, Toronto is making this expansion process very interesting. A couple years ago with Chivas and Real Salt Lake, the process was a typical American expansion process. Get a couple notable players in an expansion draft, pick up a couple more in other drafts and maybe sign a free agent or two. This time around however is much different. Sure the expansion draft was still there but Mo Johnston has been very aggressive in getting players that he wants in his system.

I like it really. He is trying to make this new side as competitive as possible in their first year. Honestly, I am expecting more trades before the season out of this side and more come summer with the transfer window opening up again.

I don’t know a lot about Welsh but I can tell you that adding more flavor to the side like they are doing with Welsh helps out. And the deal is all but signed from what I have gathered.

Toronto will be competitive, make no mistake about it.